Glitter and Sparkly dresses can instantly give you a glamorous look making you stand out from the crowd. But, for most women, it can be tricky to know how to wear those beautiful dresses in the most stylish way and achieve the PERFECT look.

Best Glitter and Sparkly Dresses for Women by the Most Trusted Clothing Stores and Websites in The United States

In the first half of this post, we have shared a list of carefully selected American websites and stores that offer the most versatile and the best Glitter and Sparkly dresses in mini, midi, and floor lengths.

After that, you’ll find some practical tips from the pros on how to style sequin dresses for formal or casual events and look fabulous… EVERY time!

Top 10 Places to Find the Best Glitter & Sparkly Dresses Online

Lulus : Stunning Sequin Dresses at Incredibly Affordable Prices

Lulus Embroidered Sequin Bodycon Midi Dresses in Gold, Silver, Cream, and Red, Black Colors

Lulus is one of the best places to buy must-have dresses, cute tops, shoes, and the latest fashion accessories for style-conscious American women. Click Here to check out the new arrivals in their glittery and sparkly dresses that are guaranteed attention-getters.

For a limited time, Lulus is offering a FLAT 70% Discount on a wide range of women’s clothing. Lulus also offers FREE shipping on all orders of $150 or more.

  • Founded: 1996

  • Headquarters: 195 Humboldt Ave, Chico, California, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-866-918-5858

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Hello Molly : Latest Styles and Trends with FREE and FAST Shipping

Hello Molly Australian Clothing Stores for Women

Hello Molly is one of the fastest-growing online clothing retailers from Australia with a huge customer base in the United States.

Hello Molly is another highly recommended place to shop for sequin dresses, especially if you are on a budget, but still want to shine at the party.

  • Founded: 2012

  • Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

  • Customer Service No: +1-818-900-7796

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Windsor : Long to Short, Sparkly and Metallic Dresses that Look Simply Awesome

Windsor Stores

Windsor has been around for almost a century now. Originally, Windsor was famous for its collection of dresses for special occasions. After achieving success in that specific category, Windsor aimed to design and launch a full clothing line for women.

  • Founded: 1937

  • Headquarters: Santa Fe Springs, California, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-888-494-6376

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Showpo :

Showpo Brand Stores

Showpo has one of the largest collections of sparkly, glittery, and embellished dresses for special occasions. The best part is, Showpo adds new looks and styles every single day! Most articles of sequin dresses at Showpo are also available in plus size.

Showpo is primarily known for its collection of stunning and glamorous formal and semi-formal dresses. However, Showpo also has a wide range of casual clothing, fashion accessories, beauty, and personal care products for women.

  • Founded: 2010

  • Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

  • Customer Service No: +1-855-910-6562

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Boohoo : The Best Combos of the Classic Black Glitter Dresses and Killer Heels

Boohoo Stores

Boohoo specializes in trendy outfits, stylish footwear, and fashion accessories for teenage girls and style-conscious young women. We hope you’ll like their competitively-priced glittery dresses and shoes.

Boohoo is a publicly-traded business and one of the fastest-growing British clothing companies. Boohoo owns and operates many world-famous fashion labels for women including PrettyLittle Thing, NastyGal, Dorothy Perkins, and Burton.

  • Founded: 2006

  • Headquarters: Manchester, United Kingdom

  • Customer Service No: +44-161-236-5335

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Dillard’s :

Dillard's Stores

Dillard’s has one of the most complete ranges of sequin dresses for women and juniors with size options for petite and plus size too. Dillard’s also is one of the American upscale department store chains that have survived the impacts of Covid-19.

  • Founded: 1938

  • Headquarters: Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-800-345-5273

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River Island : Beautiful Maxi Dresses, Providing Head-to-toe Sparkle

River Island Stores

We never actually recommended River Island to buy stuff like sequin dresses ever before.

Of course, we like River Island as a high-street casual clothing brand. But during our research for today’s post, their sequin dresses collection almost forced us to include River Island on this list.

  • Founded: 1948

  • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

  • Customer Service No: +44-344-576-6444

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New Look : Glamourous Gold Minis and Sophisticated Silver Midis

New Look Stores

New Look is a Weymouth, United Kingdom-based clothing company that operates a chain of high-street fashion retail shops. New Look also has an impressive variety of Glittery and Sparkly dresses for all kinds of events and occasions.

New Look presently operates almost 600 retail stores in several countries including Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, China, and many others. Last year, New Look clothing stores generated almost $3 billion in revenue.

  • Founded: 1969, Taunton, United Kingdom

  • Headquarters: Weymouth, United Kingdom

  • Customer Service No: +44-344-499-6690

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SHEIN : On-trend Sequin Dresses for Women on a REALLY Tight Budget

Shein Clothing Website

Shein probably is the number one place on this list to find the cheapest sparkly dresses on our list. We assure you, Shein will give you the most bang for your buck and you’ll see that a low price does NOT always mean low quality.

Hot Miami Styles : The HOTTEST Collection of Open-Back, Sleeveless, and Double-Slit Sparkly Dresses

Hot Miami Styles Stores

Hot Miami Styles is an online retailer of stylish clothing, shoes, and accessories for women. Hot Miami Styles was founded with a mission to make unique fashion (especially club dresses) affordable for everyone.

But that’s not where the story ends. Check out the ULTRA-SEXY glittery dresses at Hot Miami Styles. AND, it will be hard for you to leave empty-handed!

How to Choose the RIGHT Sparkly Dresses?

The answer to this very important question depends upon the type of event you are planning to attend. Generally, you should select a bolder option for a casual event. A sexy mini dress featuring larger sequins will just look great!

On the other hand, if you are going to join a formal gathering, a more appropriate option would be to wear an A-line dress with subtle sequins or sparkles.

Another very important aspect to consider is the type of fabric used to make your chosen dress. Truly… how it looks and feels on you is something that can make all the difference.

Generally, we recommend choosing lightweight materials. For example, sequin dresses made with chiffon look more elegant and they won’t weigh you down. Some heavier materials like crepe can also be your option if you are trying to achieve a more glamorous look.

As we said, choosing suitable glitter and sparkly dresses will heavily depend upon the type of occasion.

Which Accessories to Use with Sequin Dresses?

So you have selected the best sparkly dress to wear! But that’s not all yet… the next step is to choose the RIGHT accessories to wear with your chosen dress.

Generally, we believe BALANCE is the key!

When you are wearing a glittery and sparkly dress, balancing out the look with more subtle pieces is what we recommend.

Opting for plainer accessories e.g., shoes, bags, and of course jewelry will be more appropriate. Why? Well, using plain accessories won’t draw too much attention away from the dress itself.

Moreover, we don’t recommend using bold colors and heavy contouring techniques when using makeup with a sequin dress. Instead, more toned-down makeup would be more appropriate. Try highlighting your best features with just a few simple touches and colors.

Depending on the season (or the temperature), you may want to layer up your dress for added warmth. Stay in Infront of the mirror and try different cardigans, blazers, or jackets in complementary colors. Do NOT make a decision in a hurry and keep trying unless you find the best option to pair with your sparkly dress.