Stores Like Forever 21 For Women, Men and KidsForever 21 is getting more and more popular with each passing year since its founding in 1984. But just like any other successful business, Forever 21 also faces a very tough competition in fast fashion retailing industry. In this year’s update, I’m going to share with you some other great stores like Forever 21. Some of these stores are new competitors, while others are already popular names in fashion clothing industry. Below is a list, followed by some basic introduction and links to the official websites of Top 10 stores like Forever 21.

List of Top 10 Stores Like Forever 21

Lulu’s > #1 on My List of Stores Like Forever 21

Lulu's - The best and cheap alternative to Forever 21 for Women

Lulu’s is a great alternative to Forever 21 to buy a variety of products. Lulu’s offers a massive variety of cheap and stylish women’s dresses for almost every occasion. You can also shop an impressive variety of shoes and fashion accessories at Lulu’s for up to 70% discount.

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Tobi > #2, Get 50% Discount on Your First Order

Tobi : Cheap Online Clothing Shop Like Forever 21

Tobi is a relatively new name in the industry, but it can be another very good and cheap alternative to Forever 21. The best thing about this fast-fashion retailer is that; it offers flat 50% discount on your first orders. Visit Tobi and shop from the convenience of your home. Tobi ships its products to almost 190 countries worldwide.

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Francesca’s > #3, A Great Clothing Shop For Stylish Women

Francesca's : An Affordable Alternative to Forever 21 for Women Francesca’s is another very similar clothing retailer and in many cases, it can be a cheap alternative to Forever 21 for women in their early twenties. The most popular product categories at Francesca’s stores include dresses, rompers, swimwear and intimates. You can also shop jewelry, gifts and accessories at Francesca’s.

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Shopbop > #4, Great Discounts on Designer Clothing & Shoes

Shopbop : Affordable Designer Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

If you are searching for a good place to buy designer clothing, footwear and accessories at affordable prices, I’m sure you’ll love Shopbop. The company is operated by Amazon (the world’s biggest online retailer).

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GAP > #5 on Clothing Stores Like Forever 21

GAP Stores : Shop Clothing online for the whole family including maternity and plus size

While GAP doesn’t actually compete with Forever 21, but still it can be a high-quality and affordable alternative clothing store. GAP uses finest quality fabric to produce clothing for men, women, boys, girls, babies and even toddlers. GAP stores also have a good range of maternity and plus size clothing.

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Aeropostale > #6, Alternative Clothing Store for Guys & Girls

Aeropostale : Similar To Forever 21 for Guys and Girls

Are you looking for an alternative to Forever 21 to buy clothing for someone between 14 to 17 years of age? Aeropostale can be one of the best stores for you. All of the Tops, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Jeans & Sweaters at Aeropostale are made exactly with this age group in mind.

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Old Navy > #7, Affordable Plus Size Clothing For Women

Old Navy : Clothing Stores Like Forever 21 Plus

Old Navy is another good (and in many cases cheap) alternative to Forever 21 for the whole family. In addition to the clothing for men, women and kids, Old Navy also offers a complete range of plus size clothing. Old Navy is wholly owned and operated by GAP.

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J Crew > #8, High-Quality Clothing For Mean, Women and Kids

J. Crew : A Better Alternative Clothing Store to Forever 21

J Crew may not be a cheap alternative to Forever 21. However, if you belong to the group of customers that always prefers uniqueness and quality over the retail price, J Crew is something you are looking for. J Crew stores offer finest quality clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and kids.

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Charlotte Russe > #9, Cheap Plus Size Clothing & Swimwear For Women

Charlotte Russe : Forever 21 Alternative For Plus Size Clothing

Charlotte Russe can be one of the best stores like Forever 21 to buy trendy clothing, shoes and accessories for women. Charlotte Russe also has a complete range of dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear and undergarments in Plus Size.

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Bebe > #10 on Clothing Stores Like Forever 21

Bebe : Sexy, Stylish and Affordable Online Clothing Store for Women

Bebe specializes in sexy clothing for women and unquestionably it is one of the best alternatives to Forever 21 in this category. Some of the best product categories at Bebe Stores include dresses, jumpsuits, tops, bottoms, jackets, coats, shoes and fashion accessories for women.

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Best Alternatives To Forever 21 [in 2016]

Stores Like Forever 21 - Official Website : Forever21.comForever 21 (originally Fashion 21) is a family owned business and one of the most popular chain of specialty retail stores in the United States. This website is famous for its trendy offerings at very affordable prices. In the year 2015, Forever 21 served more than 600,000 fashion-forward customers in 60 countries and generated over USD 4.4 billion net revenue. The first Forever 21 store was started in Los Angeles in 1984 by Mr. Do Won Chang and his wife Jin Sook Chang. Almost 65% of the Apparel offered by Forever 21 is manufactured in China. The rest of this post is about Top 10 Similar Stores like Forever 21.

Urban Outfitters > #1 on My List of Stores Like Forever 21

Founded in 1970, Urban Outfitters is one of the most trusted online stores like Forever 21. Urban Outfitters offers more than 1000 world-famous brands including Calvin Klein, Stussy and Adidas at hugely discounted rates. Moreover, if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason and want to replace or return your order, you can get a 100% refund by contacting the customer services department at Urban Outfitters.

Company’s Perspective: Our established ability to understand our customers and connect with them on an emotional level is the reason for our success.

If you are a satisfied Forever 21 customer and are looking for a reliable alternative that offers similar brands (and some extra discount), I strongly recommend that you try Urban Outfitters.

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Express > The 2nd Best Alternative to Forever 21

When it comes to sophisticated formal dressing or must-have fashion brands for weekends and going out, I rate Express at #2 on my list of stores like Forever 21. The company operates 600 stores across United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The primary customers of this company age between 20 to 30 years. The first Express Store was founded in the year 1985. In the last 30 years, Express has proven itself to be a reliable place to buy formals and casuals for both men and women.

Wet Seal > One of the Pioneers in Fast Fashion Retailing

Wet Seal is another fashion retail store like Forever 21. Hundreds of thousands of teenage girls and young women visit Wet Seal to buy trendy clothing, footwear and accessories. This retail store offers a huge variety of formal dresses, casuals, undergarments, shoes, jewelry and much more at very affordable prices. Wet Seal operates 171 retail stores across the United States. If you are a girl who loves to express her individuality and fit in – while standing out, I strongly recommend that you try this Forever 21 alternative.

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Claire’s > a Forever 21 Alternative that operates in 46 Countries

Claire’s Stores is the emporium of choice for millions of fashionable teenage girls and young women across the globe. Claire’s Store is famous for its beautiful collection of Jewelry and accessories for girls in age or attitude. In the year 2015 over 900 million fashion-conscious girls under the age of 18 shopped from this online retailer. I am not a customer of this website and if you are over 18 years I do not recommend this to you. However, if you are under 18, I’m sure you will enjoy your visit to the Claire’s Store.

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Charlotte Russe > The Fastest Growing Fashion Destination

Founded in the year 1975 in California, Charlotte Russe is named after a French dessert. Like Forever 21, all of the clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry at this store is dedicated to women in their teens and early twenties. Charlotte Russe operates over 500 fashion retail stores across the United States and Puerto Rico. If you are a girl who is passionate about fashion, shopping and looking fabulous at every occasion, you will find Charlotte Russe to be a great alternative to Forever 21.

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Love Culture > One Step Ahead of Forever 21

If you compare Love Culture and Forever 21, unquestionably, Forever 21 has more customers and it generates a lot more in revenue. But if you are the babe who lives by her girl gang, loves to take risks, works hard and parties harder, I can confidently say that you will find Love Culture to be one step ahead of Forever 21. The primary customers of this online fashion retailer are night lovers and free spirits. Visit Love Culture and I hope you will find many of your favorite brands at very affordable prices.

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Rue21 > another Similar but Affordable Store Like Forever 21

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Rue21 is a fashion-forward company that offers latest and must-have styles for women in more than 1100 stores across the United States. If you purchase clothing, shoes, accessories or beauty products from Forever 21, I suggest that you take a look over Rue21 because most of the time they offer similar products with some extra discounts.

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GoJane > Similar to Forever 21 but Cheap!

Lead by a team of fashion fanatics, GoJane was founded in the year 1999. Even it is on #8 on my list of top 10 stores like Forever 21, but still, GoJane is one of the most popular retailer of shoes, clothing and accessories for trend-setting girls who stay ahead of the fashion game with a style of their own. If you looking for the next must-haves to stay at the forefront of fashion, GoJane is a place not to miss.

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The Limited > Quality Design, Good Value!

Started in 1963 in Columbus, Ohio, The Limited is an iconic fashion retailer that has served generations of women with up-to-the-minute sense of style. If you are looking for a great alternative to Forever 21 to purchase modern suits, business separates, event dresses or just some casual sportswear, The Limited is the place where you can find trend-right fashion, season after season. This online fashion retailer offers a wide variety of clothing, footwear and accessories at reasonably discounted prices.

Bebe > #10 on Top 10 Stores Like Forever 21

Famous for its chic, contemporary fashion, Bebe was founded by Mr. Manny Mashouf in San Francisco in the year 1971. Although this retailer is a bit costlier than Forever 21, but if you are not too price-conscious, Bebe Store is a nice place to buy trendy clothing, shoes, accessories and a lot more.

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Have you already tried any of the stores I discussed in this post? Do you know about some other stores like Forever 21 that are better or cheaper than the ones I shared above? Please share your experience in the comment area below.

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