Top 10 Discounted Sites Like Overstock for Furniture, Clothing, Home Decor and AccessoriesOverstock is a world-famous, American website that offers attractive discounts on a huge variety of products. The most popular product categories at Overstock include Furniture, Home Décor, Home Improvement, Kitchen & houseware, Clothing, Jewelry and Fashion Accessories. Headquartered in Midvale, Utah, Overstock was founded in the year 1999. In this post, I am going to introduce you to some of the best websites like Overstocks. Most of these eCommerce sites offer similar quality products at a price that is comparable to Overstock. Below is a list followed by some basic introduction and links to the Top 10 Sites Like Overstock.

Top 10 Overstock Alternatives

Wayfair > #1 on My List of Sites Like Overstock for Furniture

Wayfair - Online Furniture StoreWayfair is a famous American retailer of furniture and home furnishing goods that was founded in the year 2002. Headquartered in Boston, United States, Wayfair operates a full-featured ecommerce store that gives you the option to shop from the convenience of your home and ships all orders across the United States for free. Wayfair offers up to 70% discount on its huge inventory of classic and modern furniture.

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Amazon > #2, The Largest eCommerce Website Worldwide Inc.Amazon is the largest internet-based retailer on the planet. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Amazon was founded in the month of July, 1994. Every day, millions of people visit to buy Furniture, Home Decor, Clothing & Accessories. In many cases, Amazon offers more discount than Overstock. In the year 2015, Amazon generated over 107 billion Dollars in annual sales.

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Ikea > #3, A Great Alternative to Overstock to Buy Ready To Assemble Furniture

IKEA Furniture StoresIkea is the largest retailer of furniture on the planet. The company is famous for its unique collection of ready-to-assemble furniture, accessories and appliances. Headquartered in Leiden, Netherlands, Ikea was founded in the year 1943. The official website of the company features over 12000 products. in the year 2015, Ikea generated 34 billion US Dollars in annual sales.

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Hayneedle > #4, Very Affordable Furniture & Home Decor Products

Hayneedle - Online Furniture StoreHayneedle is an Omaha, Nebraska based American ecommerce store that sells furniture and home decor products. Hayneedle is a subsidiary of that was founded in the year 2002. If you are looking for a site like Overstock that gives you the option to buy home furniture, outdoor furniture & accessories from the convenience of your home, Hayneedle is another great option for you.

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BB&B > #5 on eCommerce Stores Like Overstock

Bed Bath & BeyondBed Bath & Beyond is an American chain of retail stores that was founded in the year 1971. As the name suggests, the primary product portfolio of “Bed Bath & Beyond” is based on goods for bedrooms & bathrooms. The company also offers a good range of products for kitchen and dining room. The price range and quality of products sold at Bed Bath & Beyond is very similar to Overstock.

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Pottery Barn > #6, A Bit Expensive Than Overstock, But Great

Pottery BarnPottery Barn is a world-famous chain of upscale furniture and home furnishing stores that was founded in the year 1950. Headquartered in San Francisco, United States, Pottery Barn operates several retail stores across the USA, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Philippines and Australia. If you are not too prices-conscious, Pottery Barn can be a great alternative to Overstock for you.

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Walmart > #7, An All-in-One Alternative to Overstock

WalmartWalmart is a world-famous, American chain of retail stores that sells a huge range of products under hundreds of categories. Some of the most popular product categories at Walmart include Electronics, Movies & Music, Home Furnishing, Furniture, Clothing, Jewelry, Toys, Heath & Beauty Products, Pet Supplies, Sporting Goods, Grocery and a lot more. Presently, Walmart operates over 11500 retail stores.

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Target > #8, Another MEGA STORE to Buy Everything You Can Find at Overstock

Target CorporationTarget (or Target Corporation) is the second largest American chain of retail stores. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Target is a publically traded business that was founded in the year 1902. Target stores sell a wide range of products that includes (but not limited to), clothing, cosmetics, footwear, furniture & houseware, sport equipment and a lot more. Such a huge variety of products & great prices make Target a very good alternative to Overstock.

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West Elm > #9, High-End Furniture Store

West Elm Furniture StoresWest Elm is a wholly owned subsidiary of Williams Sonoma Inc. that specializes in housewares and contemporary furniture designs. Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, West Elm operates many retail stores in the US, Canada, Mexico, England, UAE and Australia. The most popular product categories at West Elm stores include Office Furniture, Home Furniture, Linen and Kitchenware.

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Home Depot > #10 on Web Based Stores Like Overstock

Home Depot StoresThe Home Depot is a United States based chain of retail stores that specializes in home improvement products and services. Headquartered in Georgia, United States, Home Depot operates 2274 stores across the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and China. Some of the most popular product categories at Home Depot Stores include Blinds & decor, Flooring & Area Rugs, Appliances, Kitchenware and more.

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