Stores Like Ann Taylor - Cheap AlternativesAnn Taylor was born in the land of fashion, New York, in the year 1954. Ann Taylor specializes in upscale fashion clothing and accessories for women. Some of the most popular product categories at Ann Taylor Stores include classic styled suits, dresses, separates, footwear and fashion accessories. In the year 2015, Ann Taylor Stores generated over 300 million American Dollars in revenue. In my today’s post, I am going to introduce you to some cheap alternatives to Ann Taylor. These clothing stores sell similar quality products at low prices. Below is a list, followed by some basic information on top 10 stores like Ann Taylor.

List of The Top 10 Stores Like Ann Taylor / Similar Companies

Lulu’s > #1, Formal Dresses Don’t Have To Be Boring

Lulu's StoresLulu’s is a great place to buy unboring, on-trend, and office-friendly options. Check out the new arrivals at Lulus, and I hope it will be difficult for you to leave empty-handed. Like Ann Taylor,  Lulu’s also offers a beautiful collection of coats, jackets, skirts, and more. For a limited time, Lulu’s is offering up to 70% discount on selected dresses, footwear, and accessories.

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Talbots > #2, Over 500 Retail Stores in US

Talbots StoresTalbots is another very good alternative to Ann Taylor. The company specializes in trendy clothing, fashion accessories, and footwear for women. Talbots was founded in the year 1947 and it is headquartered in Hingham, Massachusetts, United States. Presently, Talbots employs over 9000 people in more than 500 retail stores across the US and Canada.

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Nordstrom > #3, High-End Fashion Clothing

Nordstrom - Upscale Fashion ClothingNordstrom is a popular American chain of retail stores that specializes in upscale clothing, footwear, jewelry, and home furnishing goods. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Nordstrom was founded in the year 1901. Presently, Nordstrom operates 118 retail stores across the United States. In the year 2015 alone, Nordstrom generated more than 14.5 billion American Dollars in annual sales.

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Anthropologie > #4, Stylish & Affordable Clothing

Anthropologie Stores for WomenAnthropologie is a subsidiary of Urban Outfitters that was founded in the year 1992. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Anthropologie is famous for its curated assortment of dresses and fashion accessories for women which makes it a good alternative to Ann Taylor. Anthropologie also offers a huge variety of products for home furnishing and décor.

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BCBG > #5 on Stores Like Ann Taylor

BCBG Stores - Designer Fashion at Affordable PriceBCBG is an Ann Taylor alternative to buy designer fashion at affordable prices. BCBG (short for a French Phrase) “Bon Chic, Bon Genre” was founded in the year 1989 by Max Azria. Today, BCBG is a well-reputed member of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America). The fashion collection from BCBG was first presented at New York Fashion Week in the year 1996.

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Brooks Brothers > #6, Founded in 1818

Brooks BrothersBrooks Brothers is known to be the original authority on American Fashion. The company in fact is the oldest clothier in the United States. Brooks Brothers is a privately owned business that offers high quality and beautiful range of modern clothing, shoes, accessories, and fragrances for men, women, and kids. Brooks Brothers was founded in the year 1818 and the headquarters of the company is in New York.

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Maurices > #7, Clothing & High-Quality Footwear, Cheaper & Among The Most Reliable Ann Taylor Dupes

Maurices StoresMaurices is a Duluth, Minnesota, United States-based chain of clothing stores for women. founded in 1931, presently, Maurices operates over 900 retail clothing stores across the US and Canada. In addition to a full range of clothing, Maurices also offers high-quality footwear for women e.g. Wedges & Heels, Sandals, Flats, Sneakers & Boots. Moreover, Maurices is also a good alternative to Ann Taylor to buy accessories e.g. handbags, wallets, hats, eyewear, and much more.

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Banana Republic > #8, Get Noticed In Chic Women’s Clothing

Banana Republic - #1 on Stores Like Ann TaylorBanana Republic is a division of world-famous apparel company Gap Inc. Banana Republic was founded in the year 1978. The company offers an impressive collection of clothing for men and women that include formal shirts, casual shirts, polos, t-shirts, sweaters, office pants, jeans, blouses, skirts, suiting, and a lot more. Banana Republic also offers a good collection of footwear and jewelry.

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Modcloth > #9, Vintage- Inspired Clothing

ModclothModcloth is a San Francisco, California-based online retailer of vintage-inspired clothing and accessories for women. Modcloth was founded by Eric Koger in the year 2002. In the year 2015, Modcloth generated over 200 Million dollars in annual sales. If you are interested in an Ann Taylor alternative that offers unique designs, take a look over the collection offered by Modcloth.

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Threadsence > #10 on Stores Like Ann Taylor

Threadsence - Cheap Alternative to Ann TaylorThreadsence is a bohemian fashion retailer that offers clothing, shoes, and swimwear for women at very affordable prices. You can find a good quality dress at Threadsence for as low as 15 Dollars. Threadsence also offers a very good collection of fashion accessories for women that includes jewelry, faux leather bags, belts, eyewear, socks, and legwear.

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Have you ever purchased a dress from one or more of these alternative stores? If yes, please share your overall shopping experience. Moreover, please don’t forget to share if you know about some other good stores like Ann Taylor.

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