What Not to Eat on The Paleo Diet?Since time immemorial, man has been evolving with his eating habits. However, people in olden days were much healthier than what you and I are today. It is because they mostly consumed meats, nuts vegetables and fruits. This diet helped them stay healthy without suffering from lifestyle diseases. Paleo diet works on the same principle and requires one to eat only fruits, vegetables or meat.

Food items such as flour, sugar, oil and dairy are considered to be inflammatory foods. These food items may weaken the immune system of our body, thus causing diseases such as cancer, diabetes or heart ailments. The Paleo diet requires you to stay away from these inflammatory foods.

Common Food You Need To Avoid In The Paleo Diet

  • Processed Foods
    Processed foods are not fresh food items. For this reason, you cannot term them as real food. They contain very low nutrition and if anything, they can only cause harm to your body in the long run. When kept wrapped in plastic bags for a long time, these foods may turn toxic, thus harming your body.
  • Refined Sugar
    Refined sugar can cause your blood sugar levels to rise at a rapid rate. As a result, you may show early symptoms of diabetes or obesity. Refined sugar does not consist any sort of vitamins or minerals, hence it should be avoided.
  • Dairy Products
    Dairy products such as cow, buffalo or goat milk can sometimes trigger allergies and autoimmune conditions in people.
  • Grains
    Quinoa, wheat, barley etc. are not exactly healthy for our bodies specially if taken in large amount. Doctors say that these grains could be one of the primary reasons why some people suffer from diabetes and heart diseases. Grains contain a high level of carbohydrates and also an imbalanced proportion of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that can cause or aggravate heart ailments.

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