Hello and Thanks for stopping by! I’m Karen. In this blog post you are going to read a detailed review of each component of the Paleo Factor program. But before proceeding further with my Paleo Factor Review, let’s take a look over why evergreen health systems like Paleo are the only solution to changing your body and state. Another important thing that I would like to share with you is the Reason why I am writing The Paleo Factor review today.

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Why I’m writing The Paleo Factor Review?

I’m doing this because I’m fully committed to making the world better, making myself and other women better through organic wholesome living.

For a long time, I was just like you. I was so sick and tired of yo-yo dieting and the ups and downs that came with it.  I was tired of living unhealthy – of feeling unhealthy and of looking unhealthy. I was tired of that feeling that I was only firing on one or two cylinders most of the time.  And I was definitely tired of that guilty feeling every time I placed another processed pseudo food on my plate on a rush out the door of knowing in my heart of hearts that my own choices were the reason I kept gaining weight and feeling lousy but thinking I didn’t have the resilience to do anything about it.

The Human Body isn’t Meant to Tire out So Fast…

I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find a step by step system that promoted eating just real food or that didn’t rely on half-truths just to gain my trust and sell me some latest new fad. I just wanted to enjoy the health and energy I had when I was younger because the human body isn’t meant to tire out so fast. But still, nothing I was using worked.

I’d take after those extra pounds like a woman on a mission, resorting to self-punishment just for a temporary improvement that always fell apart – And all with horrible punishing diets and workout programs that would never be sustainable for a normal person in a normal world. Then I discovered the advantages of eating wholesome foods and my life just changed so much as a result.

What is The Paleo Factor Program?

Paleo, Paleo, Paleo.  I’m sure you’ve heard that term before. But what is this whole paleo thing really about?  After all if there was ever a fad, then this must be it, right?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Fads are by their very nature today’s new best thing and tomorrow’s laughing matter. But the entire premise of paleo is that it has been keeping women just like you and me thriving for thousands and thousands of years.  Full of life, full of energy and, yes, looking great too… The way the human body is meant to look!

The Paleo Diet (Basics)

If you want incredible health and a trim body, you need to eat the foods your body was designed to use. It’s really that simple! Your body was designed to run on specific kinds of foods. Our really ancestors knew this – and they ate the foods that best fuel their bodies. They were more in tune with the earth and that just made simple sense to them.

They didn’t load up their bodies with sugars, refined flowers or artificial ingredients. All of this stuff is artificial and essentially made in a lab if you think about it. And because it’s unnatural, it stacks slabs of fat on your thighs and causes diseases that are so obviously tied to the modern lifestyle and diet that we call them “Western diseases”.

The Paleo Factor = Wholesome Natural Foods

Going paleo is about returning to the whole natural foods you were meant to eat and getting rid of the nasty plastic food sources that are killing you. The end result is you experience the same kind of health and vitality humans were created to experience.

I hope you will agree, the Nature doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. It’s silly to think we’re the only flawed creature on earth that is somehow confined to a life of feeling lousy. No! It’s your diet!

Your ancestors didn’t have to worry about obesity, diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay and cancer. At least not the way we do today. Because they weren’t stuffing themselves with refined processed garbage that their bodies didn’t recognize. In today’s world, it probably feels like turning back that tide is impossible.

Fast food restaurants keep dishing up that processed slop and your schedule is so tight most of the time that you to dip into the trough just like everyone else. In fact, most of us are addicted to it. You can’t turn on the television without being smacked with a commercial for sugary chocolate cake or a hearty pasta. You’re being conditioned for a constant feeding frenzy on foods that are destroying your body. As a result, it stores it up as fat because your body doesn’t need this kind of fuel and isn’t sure what to do with it.

What Happens When You Switch to a Paleo Lifestyle?

Your body wants real fuel. When you finally start giving your body what it really wants, you’re going to be blown away by the results. When you switch to a paleo lifestyle – Everything Changes! You almost instantly see a dramatic increase in energy and vitality.  Your muscles your organs and even your mind start functioning at optimal levels and you can feel it in every ounce of your being.

Many women even find themselves suddenly knocked out of a decade-long depression or throwing away nasty pills they’ve been relying on for years. If you have been packing around all that useless fuel in your thighs and hips, you’ll see the changes almost immediately.
Paleo Factor Review

I’ve Reached The Maximum Number of Copies I Was Allowed To Sell on a Discounted Price. Please Click Here visit the official website for updated product information and pricing.


Is It Easy to Adopt a Paleo Lifestyle?

An entire lifestyle transformation surely isn’t some quick fix, and between;

  • running kids to school
  • making sure the meals are on the table
  • juggling a full-time career

You’re probably thinking you’ll never find it in you to get caught up. Does that sound right?

Slow Down and take a Deep Breath!

I know this seems big and I know you’re tired of drastic measures with mediocre or non-existent results. And yes, I know that if you were truly making a move to a paleo lifestyle starting completely from scratch, it would take months of time just to get the basics in place and that’s not even counting all the dangerous misinformation out there.

What is so special about the Paleo Factor Program?

The Paleo Factor is the newest, most thorough information source possible to help you get the right start on your paleo lifestyle journey. So you can lose weight and restore your health more quickly than you ever dreamed possible. The Paleo factor is about to become your number one source for news and information about the paleo diet. The Paleo Factor Program offers online courses, helpful training videos and weekly downloads of brand new paleo recipes. You also get weekly shopping lists that have all of the ingredients for weekly recipes. So you can save time getting set up for the week.

Paleo Diet System = Toxins & Fats Removal

You’ll get the Paleo diet system which will teach you everything you need to know about how paleo can not only help you lose weight, but also prime your body for exceptional health. You’ll find out how standard diets in the western world flood your system with toxins and fats and how the Paleo diet helps your body to remove these unwanted substances once and for all.

Weekly Downloads of Brand New Paleo Recipes

With fresh new ideas for mouthwatering dishes that fit your lifestyle, you can constantly try out new dishes and make life change more fun.  All Paleo Factor recipes are gluten free, grain free, dairy free, legumes free and vegetable oil free.

Paleo Factor Shopping Lists are Online & Downloadable

The Paleo Diet recipe book with downloadable shopping lists make grocery shopping a painless, streamlined experience. These shopping lists are specific enough to include all of the ingredients you’ll need for the weekly recipes and will save you a ton of time. These lists are online and printable. You can also get them delivered to your inbox every week. So you can print them out or log into your smartphone at the store and access everything you need, when you need it.

Your Paleo Factor Membership Includes;

  • 60 core training modules
  • 30 in-depth videos
  • 1000+ Paleo recipes with meal plans and shopping lists

You also get a customized nutrition plan and access to the members-only area of the Paleo Factor website to find the information you need any time you have a question about the paleo diet.

Again, it saves you tons of time searching for recipes & lists and getting lost in the sea of online misinformation. Videos, courses and guides in the Paleo Factor member’s area are jam packed with simple lifestyle tweaks you can use to lose weight and start feeling better.

Paleo Factor Bonus No# 1 – The 3 Days Sugar Detox Cleanse Course

The 3 Days Sugar Detox is a plan for breaking out of constant sugar addiction cycle that you may take for granted as normal life. It’s the whole reason why pulling yourself away from the foods you know are destroying your body can be so hard. The 3 Days Sugar Detox will show you how to cleanse your body of the built up toxins from sugary foods you’ve consumed over the years.

Paleo Factor Bonus No# 2 – The Paleo Quick Start Guide

In this guide, you’ll quickly wrap your mind around everything you need to eat healthy and get fit with paleo as fast as you can. That way if you’re too busy to dive into everything now you can still get started and reap the rewards.

Paleo Factor Bonus No# 3 – The Comprehensive Paleo Course

This is for those with more time to dive deeper than the quick guide. This guide helps you learn the deeper science behind how standard Western diets are killing you and how a switch to cleaner foods can start ridding your body of toxins and excess fat and turn you into an entire new person.

Conclusion of My Paleo Factor Review

The most important thing for you to realize is;

The Paleo Factor Program is NOT a DIET. It is a lifestyle transformation. The information in the Paleo Factor course will guide you through creating optimal health and weight loss on the paleo diet with comprehensive training and information, weekly meal plans, shopping lists and more than one thousand delicious recipes.

Paleo Factor Discount Coupon

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