What exactly is a Paleo Diet Plan?What is a Paleo diet exactly? The term Paleo diet refers to a Paleolithic nutrition plan, which was believed to be the primary dietary lifestyle of our human ancestors during the Paleolithic era. Basically, a hunter gatherer style of eating where you could only eat what you could find outside by either killing it or picking it.

In recent years, many variations of the Paleolithic diet have emerged. In most cases, the Paleolithic diet plan consists mainly of eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, nuts, roots, as well as fish and specific types of meat.

Most modern day agricultural products are forbidden on this particular diet plan. In particular, legumes, grains, potatoes junk food, salt, and sugar. According to staunch advocates of the Paleo diet, people who adopt these dietary measures into their own lives drastically improve their overall health.

How does the Paleo Diet help you Lose Weight?

The Paleo diets help you to build muscle mass which in turn boosts your metabolism. This will allow you to burn more fat and calories at a much higher rate. The Paleo diet strictly forbids processed fat or junk foods which automatically improves your chances of losing weight.

When you consume an excessive amount of junk food, you inflame the internal layers of your digestive tract. In some cases, an individual who consumes too much junk food can develop leaky gut syndrome, which can prevent food from transporting properly through your gut. These situations do not exactly set you up for a successful weight loss.

The Paleo diet is full of foods that have amazing anti-inflammatory effects. For this reason, you can minimize your risk for inflammatory diseases. Not to mention, you will experience far less insulin sensitivity because this diet banishes the use of dairy products and sugars that usually increase insulin resistance. Of course, you will also experience more weight loss, energy and fat cell shrinkage.

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