Simple Tips to Accelerate Fat LossA lot of people feel that they can force themselves to oversleep and skip breakfast in attempts to lower their daily calorie count of the day. However, this is one of the most horrendous moves of self- sabotage that one can ever self-inflict! Breakfast helps jump- start your body for a full day’s work. It helps boost your metabolism, gives you energy to power through your workouts, and forces your body to burn it’s already stored fat, instead of, in fact, storing more at your next meal.

2. Consume a Grapefruit Every Morning

grapefruit is a fat burning super food!One of the number one, fat- burning, super foods is none other than the citrusy delight of grapefruit. Consuming grapefruit in the morning, whether it is in the form of juice, smoothie, or the actual solid fruit itself; grapefruit can work wonders on your fat burning rates. Grapefruit is one of those miracle foods that helps your body expel energy by using stored fat, versus by using the sugars consumed in other foods (and we all know the awesome outcome that comes from burning stored fat!). Not to mention, grapefruit also acts as an awesome energy booster.

3. Try a Paleo Lifestyle

Paleo Recipes CookbookBefore we begin, notice that we didn’t use the term “diet”, we used the term “lifestyle”, because that’s really what losing fat and building muscle is all about. A Paleo or “Paleolithic” lifestyle means that everything you consume comes naturally from the ground; no processed foods, sugars, grains, and etc. It’s quite a commitment, but it can really help you lose fat FAST. When you cut all the processed foods from your everyday diet, your body will keep burning the stored fat that you already have, instead of gaining more.

Watch This Video to learn about an ultimate collection of Paleo recipes; it’s quite interesting!

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