Criteria to Find The Best Weight Loss Program for You.Never buy a new car, without reading the reports on it, never open an email that says you just won a free Caribbean Cruise in the subject line, and never start a new weight loss and nutrition program without analyzing it for its merits and long-term sustainability. If it’s a “lose 10 pounds in a week” program you’re interested in, don’t bother. Those who do want a program like that will not do well with the weight loss program you are going to read about in this blog post.

Short-term Fixes – Long-term Failure!

What happens when that one week overs? You’re much better off avoiding the short-term fixes entirely when your chances of long-term failure are so high. Don’t allow yourself to be lured in to the “fix-it” diets that will actually set you further back in your goals in the long run. There’s no such thing as a free lunch—you must pay your dues to get something that’s worth anything.

Each time you begin a restrictive eating program to rapidly lose weight, your metabolism is further damaged. Your body actually becomes more efficient at storing fat. Isn’t that the complete opposite of your goal?

As you determine the merits of any fitness program, here are the criteria that must be met:

  1. The program should be based on scientifically sound, unbiased information.
  2. The program should include both exercise and a nutritional component.
  3. The exercises should consist mostly of full-body strength and conditioning training that incorporates the use of free weights.
  4. The intensity of the training must be high enough to stimulate muscular growth and development with sufficient weight to cause micro-tears to the muscle fibers.
  5. The nutritional component should consider a macronutrient (protein, carbs, and fats) ratio and calorie reduction to cause fat loss while sparing lean muscle tissue.
  6. The program should not consider the use of any supplement as a means of contributing to results.
  7. The program should emphasize consistency and repetition of its fundamental principles to produce maximum results.
  8. The program should avoid the useless, confusing diet-related details and minutiae commonly published by the media.
  9. The program can be easily implemented and followed by anyone.

If you follow a weight loss program that meets the above mentioned criteria, no damage to your metabolism can occur. During my struggle to achieve the optimum fitness level and the best possible feminine shape for me, I have found the Venus Factor System to be the best weight loss program for women ever created.

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