How to Naturally Suppress Appetite?Losing weight is more of a “head-game” than a “body-game”, really, because everything – your failure or success – depends on how you view this battle. If you want to win your battle with weight, then your mind will help you by dictating what you can and can’t eat, do and drink. However, if you are only doing it to please someone else, you’re not really bent on losing weight, well, your mind is going to invent excuses not to exercise, make up alibis for eating unhealthy foods, or just plain outright give up on all your efforts. Keep reading to discover a very easy tip to suppress appetite.

Colors Help You Stimulate or Suppress Appetite!

Did you know that there are colors that make you think of food while other colors make you feel full the moment you see them? Well, the answer is in your brain. Our mind responds differently to colors in relation to food. For example, when eating in a place or with plates that have the colors orange, red and yellow, you will be encouraged to eat more foods. This is because these colors are normally associated with food. Many fruits and vegetables that are mouthwatering have these colors-red, yellow, and orange – and our mind makes that correlation and focuses on food more.

On the other hand, if you look at something blue while you eat, you will lose appetite almost immediately after the first few bites. Blue is something we associate with illness or chemicals, as most chemicals are blue in color. Though there are some delicious fruits with this color, they are not that many. Blue is considered an appetite suppressant, which is why you will seldom see restaurants or fast food chains using this color; it is bad for business.

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