Every blogger or online publisher makes every effort to maximize the traffic to their website. In addition to Guest Posting, SEO, Link Building etc. etc. using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are proven to be the greatest sources to drive traffic anywhere you want. One of my blog readers recently asked me, what if I share the same content from my blog more than once on my Twitter or Facebook account? I thought you might be interested to know the answer and perhaps this is why you are on this page right now.

Social Media Sharing


Is it OK to Share the Same Content Again on Facebook or Twitter?

While sharing the same post/content more than once could help increase traffic to your blog, however, doing this the wrong way may cause more harm than good. For example, let me share my personal experience about this;

I observed that some Giant publishers e.g. Mashable, Huffington Post and CNN etc. reTweet their own Tweets at least one more time within the next 24 hours after Tweeting for the first time. In other words, they share the same content they already shared in less than 24 hours ago.

For testing purpose, I chose a couple of blog posts (the best from one of my blog) and applied the same strategy. I shared the selected posts twice a day for one whole week. I definitely received some extra visitors to my blog but what happened NEXT?

Before doing this, my posts were ranking on the first page of Google. But within a week, I not only lost my rankings, but Google also de-indexed the said posts.

I am not saying that sharing the same content more than once is illegal, or doing this will always hurt your blog. My point is, whatever you do, please be careful. Make a reasonable plan before doing this. While social media is a great source to drive traffic to almost any blog, but doing it wrong may ruin all of your efforts.

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