I have been a Clickbank and Amazon affiliate (and vendor) for many years. In this blog post I am going to share with you the single most important rule on how to choose a profitable niche. This rule is equally effective for both affiliates and vendors. I truly believe, if you follow what you are going to learn today, not only you’ll make more money, but it will also save you tons of time.

The Golden Rule to Choose a Profitable Niche

You could create the world’s best product, the world’s Best website and the World’s best copy, but if the people you’re talking to don’t want what you’re offering them, THE GAME IS OVER! None of that matters.

How To Choose a Profitable Niche? The Golden Rule

So often you’ll see people writing things like, “Seriously Guys, You Really Need to Keep a Budget”. Nobody wants to keep a budget. No matter how many times and how many ways you say it. They don’t want to keep a budget.

What do they want? They want to be Rich! They want to have automatic money flows. They want to be able to buy their friends a round of drinks at the bar.

The Pay Certainty Technique

Choosing a Profitable Niche as an Affiliate or Vendor

I know a lot of people who travel frequently and they’re like, oh… I should create a whole series on what to pack and how to pack. That sounds interesting because that’s what they think about all day long. But when was the last time you packed and you actually Googled, “How to pack?” most of us have never done that. But, even if you have searched for it, would you ever pay for an advice on that? No!

So it fails the “Pay Certainty Technique” which is simply, Do People Have The Ability And Willingness To Pay? In that case maybe they have the ability because they’re traveling, but they have no willingness!

The Perfect Example of a Profitable Niche

Anyone who has been in the fitness world knows that a lot of people want a six pack or they want a really toned stomach.

Now if you have ever worked really hard at the gym, you know that you can’t spot focus on abs. You have to focus on compound exercises, you have to do the entire body weight, body fat, and all kinds of stuff. But if you created a course called, “Forget About Abs, Instead Focus On Total Body Health.” How many people do you think would buy that? The answer is ZERO!

Remember the part 1 of the GOLDEN RULE to choose a profitable niche.

Profitable Niche #3

Below is a great example of a product that was created by following both parts of the Golden Rule to choose a profitable niche. It’s called The Truth about abs. It’s actually a great product, I bought it myself. This product not only gives people what they want, “which is abs”, it also gives them what they need, “Which is the Truth about Abs”. It tells them point blank, “You can’t spot focus”, you have to do all these other things X Y Z etc.”

But if the creator of that product had marketed something like “Forget about wanting Abs, it’s not really that important” No one would buy!

The Conclusion

If you find yourself saying things like “Seriously guys, you really need to pay attention”. The game is already over and you’ve already lost!

But if you start talking to prospects and they say things like, “Yes, I think about that every single day” or “I would give anything if that problem were solved”, that is when you know you’ve gone where the demand is.

So this is HOW to choose a profitable niche!