Clickbank is one of the most famous, rewarding, convenient and widely used platform to make money on the internet. A massive army of affiliates is making a living promoting Clickbank products alone and it is absolutely free to join the system as an affiliate. Another way to make money with Clickbank is to join the platform as a vendor. In this blog post I’ll explain both the options, but first let us take a look over some basics.

What is Clickbank and how it Works?

How To Make Money with Clickbank
Founded in the year 1998, Clickbank is a marketplace for more than 10,000 “non-physical” products. The product portfolio is primarily based on digital information products, instantly downloadable software and web based services e.g. Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Online Marketing and SEO services etc.

Clickbank aims to serve as a connection between vendors and affiliates. Vendors create digital products and affiliates promote those products to the consumers (more on this in a minute). In the year 2011, Clickbank paid cumulative USD 1.8 billion to its affiliates and vendors. Clickbank processes more than 35000 transactions every single day (2 transactions every 5 seconds) and is the top affiliate network in the United States.

Earning Money from Clickbank as an Affiliate

The first step is to sign-up for a Clickbank account. The process is very simple and shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes. The next step is to visit the Clickbank Marketplace to find the products you want to promote. Clickbank has divided its entire range of products into different categories. These product categories can be found in the left sidebar of the Marketplace. What kind of products you want to promote depends upon your area of interest and/or the topic of your blog (if you already have one). Another way to find the products is to type the relevant search terms into the built-in product search engine. See Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners to learn how to find the right products to promote.

Once you find a product that best fits your niche, it’s time to move forward to promote it to the right audience. Writing a product review, using affiliate links within the content of your blog posts and sending a newsletter (containing your affiliate links) to your email list are the most commonly used strategies to promote Clickbank products. I have used these methods and all of them has worked for me.

Get Your Blog Ranked for the Right Search Terms

Building niche websites is also a great way to promote products as an affiliate. In fact, over the years of experience, I have found it to be the easiest way to get more free traffic by achieving higher search engine rankings for the right keywords. More traffic means more sales and more sales simply mean more affiliate commissions. See this video presentation to discover how to get your blog ranked for the profitable search terms and generate more affiliate sales.

Making Money with Clickbank as a Vendor

Warning: This section of my today’s post explains how to make money with Clickbank as a vendor. But it is highly recommended that you become an affiliate first. Promote some products, generate some sales as an affiliate, learn how it all works and then decide if becoming a Clickbank vendor will be a good decision for you to make.

Infopreneurs Are the Most Successful Clickbank Vendors

As I said earlier, in order to become a Clickbank Vendor, you need to create/own a digital product. The most successful Clickbank vendors are infopreneurs. If you don’t already know, the word “infopreneur” is a combination of the words “information” and “entrepreneur”. So anyone who uses his/her knowledge and skills to create information products and sells them for a profit is an infopreneur.

The best way to start building your Clickbank business as a vendor is to create a “How To” information product that teaches the reader how to do something the right way. For example;

  • How to create a website
  • How to Lose Belly Fat
  • How to Play Guitar
  • How to Use Microsoft Word

These are just a few examples and an information product can be created about any topic you or anyone else can imagine. Moreover a text-based document (eBook or PDF etc.) is not the only option to create an information product. It can also be created in other popular formats e.g. Audio and Video files. In my next post you’ll read more details on how to make money with Clickbank by creating a digital product that sell!