Draw A Vertical Line In Word 2007As the name suggests, Microsoft Word is primarily designed to create text documents. But sometimes you might need to draw some illustrations to enhance your Word document. In this simple Word 2007 Tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw a vertical line in Word. Following the steps shown below, you can also draw a horizontal line or a line in any direction you want.

Steps To Draw line In Word

  • Open Microsoft Word (I am Using Word 2007)
  • Click The Insert Tab (See The Picture Below)
  • Go to Illustrations Section and Click Shapes dropdown menu button
  • Click Line Icon (As Shown In The Snapshot)
  • Take your pointer at the point where you want to draw a line
  • Press left Click and drag your mouse in Vertical or any direction you want your line to appear in
  • Release the mouse click button
  • The Word snapshot below explains the whole procedure
Steps to Draw Vertical Line in Microsoft Word

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