How to Draw An Arrow In Microsoft WordMicrosoft Word is The Most Popular Word Processing Software across the globe for many reasons. It allows you to create professional looking text documents in lesser time. You don’t have to be an illustration or graphic expert in order to enhance your Word documents with beautiful graphics. In this short and simple tutorial, I will show you how to draw an arrow in Microsoft Word. This tutorial covers both Line Arrows and Block Arrows as shown in the above snapshot.

Insert Line Arrows & Block Arrows In Word

You can insert line and block arrows in any direction e.g. Up, Down, Right or Left etc. Follow the steps below;

  • Open Microsoft Word (I have Used Word 2007 in this tutorial)
  • Click Insert Tab
  • In Illustrations section click Shapes (see the image tutorial below)
  • From the Dropdown Menu click the type of Arrow you want to create in your document
  • Press left Click and drag your mouse according to the width and height of your desired arrow
  • Release Mouse Click
  • See The Image below if you need more help

 Line Arrows and Block Arrows in Up, Down, Right and Left Directions in Microsoft Word

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