Concor Tablets (Bisoprolol) is a beta 1-selective-adrenoceptor blocking agent, lacking intrinsic stimulating and relevant membrane stabilising activity. It only shows very low affinity to the beta2-receptor of the smooth muscles of bronchi and vessels as well as to the beta2-receptors concerned with metabolic regulation. Therefore, bisoprolol is generally not to be expected to influence the airway resistance and beta2-mediated metabolic effects. Its betal selectivity extends beyond the therapeutic dose range.

Concor (Bisoprolol) has no pronounced negative inotropic effect. Bisoprolol reaches its maximal effect 3-4 hours after oral administration. The plasma elimination half-life of 10 – 12 hours provides 24 hours efficacy following a once daily dosage. The maximal antihypertensive effect of bisoprolol is generally reached after 2 weeks.

Concor Tablets - Treatment of High Blood Pressure & Congestive Heart FailureIn acute administration in patients with coronary heart disease without chronic heart failure, Concor (Bisoprolol) reduces the heart rate and stroke volume, thus reducing cardiac output and oxygen consumption. In chronic administration the initially elevated peripheral resistance decreases. Among others, the depression of plasma renin activity is discussed as a mechanism of action underlying the antihypertensive effect of beta-blockers.

Concor depresses the response to sympathoadrenergic activity through blockade of cardiac betareceptors.

This causes a decrease in heart rate and in contractility, and thus a reduction of myocardial oxygen consumption, which is the desired effect in angina pectoris with underlying coronary heart disease.

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