Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

How to lower your blood pressure naturally?

It’s vital your blood pressure is close to or even lower than 120 over 80. That’s because high blood pressure or hypertension is an important factor in heart attacks and strokes. As an American or a citizen of another western country, if you suffer from high blood pressure right now, then you are 4 times more likely to die of a stroke and 3 times more likely to die of a heart attack (either of which can strike instantly).

High Blood Pressure Increases the Risk of Diabetes by 60%

A recent major study by the George Institute for Global Health (UK) shows that people who suffer high blood pressure, also have a nearly 60% chance of suffering from type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a particularly nasty condition that in extreme cases may result in amputation of limbs. Ideally your heart should pump your blood around your body at a nice steady rate of no more than 120hg, followed by a resting pressure of no more than 80hg. That way your artery walls remain nice and smooth. So arterial plaque that would narrow the arteries, cannot attach itself to them.
High Blood Pressure makes it easy for hazardous arterial plaque to cling to the walls of your Arteries.

Imagine a raging torrent of a river in full flood, ripping away at the river banks, tearing up boulders and uprooting trees in its headlong dash, eventually blocking its own flow with the debris, causing utter devastation.

That’s Exactly What Your Blood Pressure Does!

When you have dangerously high blood pressure, your blood races around your arteries like that river in full flood, damaging the walls of your arteries, so they become rough, making it easy for hazardous arterial plaque to cling to the walls that making them narrower. That sets up a vicious cycle. Because your arteries get furred up like the inside of a kettle, narrowing your arteries. That means your heart has to work harder, increasing the pressure on your blood to force it through your arteries. So it still gets to every part of your body.

This Dangerous Cycle Continues With Ever Increasing Blood Pressure…

That increased blood pressure creates even more damage to your arteries and so the dangerous cycle continues with ever increasing blood pressure, moving you further away from the ideal blood pressure and closer to the danger levels. Probably the most dangerous effect of high blood pressure is on the tiny delicate capillaries feeding that vital, life-giving, oxygen-rich blood to your brain. The brain is the most oxygen-hungry organ of your whole body. So depriving it or parts of it for more than a few seconds will damage the brain.

High Blood Pressure Cuases Stroke - You Must Learn To Keep Your Blood Pressure in Control.


This condition is known as a stroke. That increasing blood pressure particularly in times of stress can burst one of those tiny vessels, flooding your skull with blood, causing devastating problems. This is where when seconds can mean the difference between life and death!

Perhaps even more devastating is a stroke that does not kill you outright, leaving you unable to speak properly, Face drooping down on one side or unable to use a hand or even your whole arm due to the effects of the stroke. If you do survive a heart attack, it could sharply downgrade your quality of life, rendering you are unable to do all the things you currently take for granted, instantly turning you into an invalid.

Side Effects of Blood Pressure Medications

The pharmaceutical companies have created a range of drugs, designed to artificially lower your blood pressure. But even the pharmaceutical industry would admit, NO drug is free of side effects. Sadly the side effects of blood pressure drugs can be particularly nasty. These side effects range from;

  • Leg cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Poor circulation (leading to cold hands and feet)
  • Tiredness or depression
  • Slower heartbeat
  • Asthma symptoms

If you suffer from another condition such as type 2 diabetes as well, you need to be closely monitored. In some extreme cases, blood pressure drugs can cause impotence in diabetics.  Of course everyone is different and one particular side effect might not affect your friend but be quite devastating for you.

Discover a Drug-Free, 100% Natural Way to Lower Blood Pressure

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