Clenil Compositum Side EffectsAs observed during therapy with Clenil Compositum, mycosis in the mouth may occur. They however rapidly regress after a suitable local therapy with alkalizers or antimycotics e.g. Lomexin. At high dosages, transient side effects may occur in some patients (moderate increase in heart rate, slight muscular tremors) disappearing after the first days of treatment, by reducing the dosage if necessary.

Systemic side effects are extremely improbable due to the low used doses, nevertheless, their occurrence may be favored by long-term treatments. As for other inhalatory drugs, the possibility of paradoxical bronchospasm occurrence should be taken into consideration. The occurrence of side effects is reduced if instructions are strictly followed.

 Inform your doctor or pharmacist, should any undesirable effects not described on this page occur.

Clenil Compositum in Pregnancy and lactation

The use of Clenil Compositum is not advisable during the first three months of pregnancy, and in the following period the product administration shall be evaluated by the physician according to the risk and benefit ratio. Similarly, Clenil Compositum is also not recommended for nursing mothers.

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