This short tutorial explains how to use Clenil Compositum mono-dose vial the right way. In addition to the following step by step instructions, the images to explain each step are also included at the end of this tutorial.

  • Bend the Clenil Compositum mono-dose vial in the two directions (see fig. A below)
  • Separate the mono-dose vial from the strip at the top and then in the central part of the vial (see fig. B below)
  • Shake well to homogenize the suspension, until complete re-dispersion is obtained (see fig. C below).
  • Open the Clenil Compositum mono-dose vial by rotating the twist-off stopper as indicated (see fig. D below)
  • Gently squeeze the mono-dose vial content at the prescribed dose into the nebulizer chamber (see fig. E below)
  • In case half dose is used, the vial can be closed by pressing the stopper in the upside down position (see fig. F).
  • The unused suspension must be stored at 2- 8°C (in the refrigerator) and administered within 12 hours from first opening.
Step by Step Instruction on using Clenil Compositum for Aerosol

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