On this page, we have shared a handpicked selection of the best Skincare brands available in the US market. In some cases, you may find these brands a bit more expensive than others. But we assure you, investing in high-quality skincare products can do wonders for your skin’s health and appearance.

By opting for high-quality products, you can trust that your skin is getting the best ingredients and nourishment available.

Best Skincare Brands Available in the United States

Top 10 American Companies that Manufacture the Best Skincare Products

Kiehl’s : #1 on Our List of the Best Skincare Brands in the US Market

Kiehl's Stores

Keihl’s produces the finest-quality moisturizers that effectively keep the skin hydrated without leaving residue or clogging pores. But more importantly, Keihl’s uses natural and nourishing ingredients to formulate its entire range of skincare products.

Keihl’s offers a wide range of formulas for different skin types so everyone can have the right fit. Their formulas are also fragrance-free, noncomedogenic, and free of parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde.

  • Founded: 1851, East Village, New York

  • Headquarters: New York, NY, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-800-543-4572

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Ulta Beauty : 100% invisible, Weightless, and Makeup Gripping Sunscreen

Ulta Beauty Stores

Whether you’re looking for a sunscreen that is lightweight and won’t clog your pores, or one with advanced protection, Ulta has exactly what you are looking for.

Ulta’s sunscreens are designed with a range of natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and provide powerful broad-spectrum protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. In addition, Ulta’s sunscreens are affordable and can be found in most drugstores and beauty stores across the United States.

  • Founded: 1990

  • Headquarters: Bolingbrook, Illinois, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-866-257-9195

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Estee Lauder : Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Foam Cleansers, Purifying Masks, and Makeup Removers

Estee Lauder Company

Estee Lauder is a global beauty brand whose products are sold in more than 150 countries around the world. The company is known for its array of skincare, makeup, perfume, and hair care products.

Estee Lauder is the best brand of cleansers due to its essential ingredients that are gentle on the skin but effectively remove impurities and makeup, leaving the skin clean and fresh.

High-quality cleansers by Estee Lauder also provide intense hydration which helps to maintain skin’s balance and even out skin tone. They also include anti-aging benefits that protect against environmental aggressors and free radicals that can damage the skin.

  • Founded: 1946

  • Headquarters: New York, NY, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-888-378-3359

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Clinique : The Best Facial Exfoliators and Face Scrubs

Clinique Brand Stores

Clinique sources high-quality ingredients only from the most reputable and trusted suppliers to formulate a wide range of Exfoliators. Their gentle yet effective products are designed to effectively remove dead skin cells without drying out, irritating, or damaging the skin.

With a variety of gentle and effective exfoliators to choose from, Clinique is one of the best brands for exfoliation. All of their formulas are hypo-allergenic and ophthalmologist-tested, making them a great choice for all skin types.

  • Founded: 1968

  • Headquarters: New York, NY, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-800-419-4041

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Sephora : #5 on the Best Skincare Brands in America

Sephora Stores

Are you looking for the best night cream that helps nourish skin and provide hydration to keep it looking healthy and youthful? We strongly recommend checking out Sephora before making a purchase from anywhere else.

Sephora is a world-famous, French chain of cosmetics stores. Sephora is owned and operated by LVMH, the same business group that owns many upscale designer fashion labels including Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Dior, and Bulgari.

  • Founded: 1970

  • Headquarters: Paris, France

  • Customer Service No: +1-877-737-4672

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Origins : The Best Face Masks, Enriched with ingredients like Honey, Charcoal, Avocado, and extracts of Citrus

Origins Stores

Origins is the best brand of face masks for many reasons. Origins face masks are free from any harsh chemicals. They also come in a variety of formulas tailored to specific skin needs, from clearing away blemishes to moisturizing.

Moreover, every product from Origins is cruelty-free, making it one of the best skincare brands available in the United States.

Glossier : Face Oils To Make Skin Look More Radiant and Hydrated

Glossier Brand Stores

There are hundreds of face oil brands that shamelessly use parabens and sulfates in their formulations. These low-quality face oils can easily irritate and damage your skin. If you are looking for a trusted brand to shop for high-quality face oils, Glossier is our top pick in this category.

Glossier face oils provide powerful protection against pollutants and other environmental stressors, keeping the skin looking and feeling its best.

Neutrogena : The Best Facial Toners for Glowing Skin

Neutrogena Skin Care Stores

Neutrogena toners are alcohol-free, meaning that they won’t strip the skin of its natural oils and instead help to balance the pH of skin, while still providing an effective cleansing experience.

Most toners by Neutrogena contain premium ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, zinc, vitamins, and botanical extracts, providing an extra layer of skincare. All skincare products produced by Neutrogena are dermatologist recommended, affordable, and suitable for use on all skin types.

L’Oreal : Laser Pure Retinol That Helps Fight Aging Signs Such as Wrinkles and Age Spots

L'Oreal Paris Stores

Retinol, which is a form of Vitamin A, is a powerful ingredient that works to build and repair collagen in the skin, making it a preferred choice among anti-aging products.

Over the years, L’Oreal has established itself as one of the most reliable and effective brands that manufacture a wide range of skincare products that contain retinol.

For example, Night Cream and Serum, which contains retinol, is consistently given high ratings due to its ability to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, diminish dark spots, and even out skin texture.

  • Founded: 1909, Paris, France

  • Headquarters: Clichy, France

  • Customer Service No: +1-800-322-2036

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Drunk Elephant : #10 on the Best American Skincare Brands this Year

Drunk Elephant Skincare Products

Drunk Elephant is dedicated to creating the finest-quality skincare products that are natural, clean, and non-toxic. That’s why Drunk Elephant is one of the trusted skincare brands that is especially suitable for sensitive skin.

Their eye cream is made with plant-based, non-toxic ingredients and is clinically tested to reduce wrinkles, firmness, and dark circles. It provides a heavy-duty hydration around the eyes without the oils which can cause breakouts or irritation.

  • Founded: 2012

  • Headquarters: Austin, Texas, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-866-236-6967