Atkins Diet and DiabetesConstant high levels of insulin can easily lead to you developing diabetes. If your blood sugar levels are quite high and you are not taking it seriously or not doing something about it, chances are, you would be diabetic in no time. It is scientifically proven that Atkins Diet greatly help you reduce your blood sugar levels.

How Atkins Diet Helps Diabetes?

Atkins Diet is simply a low carbohydrate diet. If you are overweight and you take a high carbohydrate diet regularly, it is very likely that your insulin levels are constantly high. Over time, your body becomes accustomed to the high insulin levels and needs more insulin for carbohydrates to be metabolized, which then leads to insulin insensitivity and if you don’t check this, the problem can go out of hand and lead to diabetes. Once you adapt an Atkins Diet or a low carb diet, your insulin levels are not always high and this reduces the chances of developing insulin insensitivity, which can then lead to diabetes.

Insulin Plays a Very Crucial Role in Weight Loss

While it is true that in order to lose weight we need to consume fewer calories, other aspects like hormones and metabolism also come into play. For instance, the hormone insulin plays a very crucial role in weight loss. Usually, the hormone insulin enables the skeletal muscles to absorb glucose. In addition, insulin enhances the storage of fat rather than the fat being broken down for energy. This means that if you have high insulin levels, you are likely to store more fat, which will definitely lead to weight gain. Insulin levels must then be low to ensure that you don’t end up storing fat.

Other Benefits of Atkins Diet

Most people start on a diet and drop out because of the constant hunger because of too much calorie restriction. I can relate to this because I have tried many diets (more than you can imagine) and most of them were very restrictive, which led to hunger pangs and me dropping out before I even enjoyed the benefits of the diet. What I love most about the Atkins diet is that you are very unlikely to experience any hunger pangs. This is because the diet encourages eating foods high in healthy fats as well as proteins, which are very filling. Actually, sometimes I would take a heavy breakfast such that by lunch, I was not even hungry and I just took a snack so as not to overeat later during the day. You can be sure that with no hunger pangs, you are likely to follow the Atkins diet to the latter.

Atkins Diet Means No Calorie Restrictions!

One of the great benefits of Atkins diet is that you don’t need to keep counting calories in order to lose weight. You only have a list of foods that you can eat and what to avoid during each phase and simply following what has been outlined, enables you to achieve your weight loss goals, without the need to keep counting all calories you consume during a day. This however does not mean that you go about eating everything and still expect to lose weight.

The Atkins Diet Helps You Curb Your Appetite

As earlier stated, most people may give up on losing weight if the diet they are trying makes them hungry and feel miserable. However, another benefit of Atkins diet is that since you will be taking a diet low in carbohydrates, this is likely to lead to an automatic reduction in appetite. This is because in most cases, foods high in carbohydrates tend to be sweet and tasty, which then activate feel good hormones. If you are used to eating a high carb meal, you know that you will need to eat more carbohydrates each time in order to experience that “good feeling”. In addition, most people take highly refined carbohydrates, which are not as filling making you take more of the carbohydrate in order to feel full. However, with Atkins diet you don’t end up eating as much as compared to when eating a high carbohydrate meal in order to feel satisfied. Actually, if you embrace a low-fat diet, you would really need to restrict the calorie intake in order to achieve weight loss as compared to if you were on the Atkins diet.

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