Nordic Walking for Weight Loss and FitnessIt’s no secret that walking improves cardiovascular health, muscle tone, joint strength and metabolism. For most people, however, the improvement is too slow, and the activity is, frankly, boring. Moreover, walking is not a total body workout, so you still need to go to the gym or engage in other physical activities to address other areas of the body.

Nordic walking did not start out as a weight loss program. It was developed about 100 years ago in Finland by cross-country skiers to keep in top competition form during the summer months when there wasn’t any snow. They used skiing poles, which is no longer used today. Walking poles designed for Nordic walking are shorter and have a rubber tip. Some are adjustable, and some are fixed, but functionally they are equally effective.

Intentionally or not, the people who “invented” Nordic walking also developed a walking technique that engaged the upper body in what before used to be primarily a lower body workout. As a weight loss workout, the idea is to use the poles to shift the body’s weight forward and over as you walk, making use of arms, shoulders and torso to handle the resistance to burn more calories. Research shows that Nordic walking burns between 20% and 50% more calories than an equal amount of ordinary walking. Proponents also claim that the almost hypnotic rhythm of a Nordic walking workout makes it more enjoyable and therefore sustainable.

Nordic Walking is a safer option to Lose Weight

The great thing about Nordic walking for weight loss is that it is suitable for people of all ages, physical condition and skill levels. People who are overweight are especially vulnerable to injury when they start practicing new sports, especially at the joints and back. For them Nordic walking reduces the risk of suffering injuries, as the walking poles help lessen the stress on the body by spreading the physical exertion throughout the body rather than just the lower body.

The significance of this is that it reduces the risk of lapsing due to injury. Specially, if you are carrying 30 or more extra pounds, you have a back problem or you simply find it hard to perform usual fitness workouts for any reason, Nordic Walking is a good option for you to lose weight. Click Here to learn the best Nordic Walking Techniques to maximize your weight loss and fitness.