You might find this blog post a bit lengthy, but it is strongly recommended that you read it!
Computer Security Tips and TricksWhile browsing online is useful and entertaining, it comes with its own risks. Cybercrime, hacking, and malware have long been serious security risks associated with the internet and may likely get worse with the passage of time. Therefore, it is crucial that everyone who uses a computer, even children, understands what computer security is and why it is necessary.

A great number of computer users are impatient. Inexperienced PC users have no tolerance when dealing with troubled systems. Why?

It is simply because most of us lead busy lives. People are constantly trying to accomplish a great number of things in short periods of time. Between raising families and our careers, we try to squeeze in a little time for ourselves and our computer-related hobbies. Hence, we expect our machines to boot up instantly and work like charms each and every day. Nobody wants to be stalled or worse yet, prohibited from getting their computer-related tasks done.

Do You Hate to Invest on PC Maintenance & Security Software?

Most of us live on tight budgets. We hate to spend money on computer accessories and software unless we absolutely have to. And why should we? Especially when there are numerous sites on the web offering applications for free! So what do we do? If everyone else is downloading software for free, why can’t we?

So, we race around the net to find the type of program we want or need and attempt to download it ASAP. Quite often, users opt for the first version of that application that “looks good” to them. They’re in such a hurry to get it up and running that they don’t want to be bothered with the intimate details of the installation process. They’ll just click their way through all the dialog boxes and agree to the terms and conditions without reading them. And this is where they pick up the bulk of malware and spyware.

More Than 90% of Software Creators are not Legitimate!

Computer novices take it for granted that the applications they download are infallible. They assume that all software creators are legitimate and have the consumer’s best interests in mind. Young and naive PC users must realize this is not true and that nobody will give them something for nothing with no strings attached. Free software comes with hidden “gotchas” because after all, software publishers want something in return for their hard work. That “something” usually consists of advertising or invasion or control of user’s systems.

Most People Lack Basic PC Maintenance Skills

In addition to being ignorant about rogue publishers, many PC users today lack knowledge and skills when it comes to maintaining their computer systems. Some assume that it’s someone else’s responsibility and thus, refuse to make an effort unless they are told to. Others fear that it’s just too complicated and if they try, they’ll only mess up their machine. And still others believe that since computer problems never happened to them (as far as they’re aware) they never will.

After using their PCs so long, people find them gradually becoming harder to operate. They find it takes longer to boot their systems up than it ever did before. Likewise, they will find themselves going around in circles as they attempt to perform tasks online. Either they’ll be barraged with pop-up ads or sent to sites they never intended to go to. Most likely, they’ll encounter numerous dialog boxes from fake services telling them that their PC is being threatened and they must download specific programs just to make these dialog boxes go away. In a short time, their systems will become so infected that they’re nearly, if not totally inoperable. Now they need their computers repaired! This will cost them big bucks if they bring them into a shop and hours of lost usage if they try to fix the problem themselves.

Why Am I Going to Give You A Free PC Security Advice?

If free software publishers need something against their hard work, why am I going to share these PC security tips for free?

As I said earlier, nobody will give you something for nothing. To be honest, this is not a free advice! I am going to recommend you two pieces of software that I have been using for years. If you purchase these software through my link, I get a referral fee for that (I hate lies!). But, you don’t have to trust me blindly. Both the software I recommend have a fully functional, free trial version (No Credit Card needed!). Try my recommended software for free and if you get satisfactory results (a fully secured system and a boost in overall performance), then make a purchase.

5 Tips to Secure Your PC and to Boost Performance

  • Never use a pirated Operating System (Microsoft Windows)
  • Never install a free software or download a commercial software for free through torrents or a file sharing service whatsoever. Just think for a minute, why someone has purchased that commercial software, took the time to upload on a file/torrent server and allowed you to download that for free? (Everyone needs a return on investment!)
  • This rule applies on every kind of software including Antivirus programs, PC Maintenance software, Music & Video players, YouTube Video Downloaders, Video games and so on…
  • I have tried and tested many PC security software including Security Essentials, Mcafee, Kaspersky, Panda and Avast. All of them are well-reputed and have their own advantages and drawbacks. But I have found the ESET Smart Security to be the best PC security software of all times. Install this software and for maximum PC security, never disable the real-time protection. Here is my referral link.
  • In addition to a security software, I highly recommend that you install a PC maintenance software too. I have been a satisfied customer of TuneUp Utilities by AVG. This software automatically optimizes your computer for best performance and increases the battery-life of your laptop. Here is my referral link. Again, you are more than welcome to try both the software for free before you actually buy them.