Youtube Downloader for MacIf you are in a hurry and just want to quickly get a Youtube Downloader installed in your Mac book, please see the last section of this post to quickly discover what you are looking for. However, I suggest you to carefully read this post. Especially if you are not so tech-savvy, it is highly recommended to read this in order to keep your Mac book secure.

Google the term Youtube Downloader for Mac and you will get around 26 million search results. There is an uncountable number of video downloading software available on the internet. Some of them are free while others cost you a few bucks. All of these software make it easier for you to download an unlimited number of videos from youtube and many other video sharing websites with just a single click. But in reality the story doesn’t end here!

Free Youtube Downloaders | Are They Really Free?

It takes a lot of time, experience and technical expertise to develop any software including the Youtube video downloaders. Have you ever thought why should anyone give away such a useful piece of software for free? The one that took weeks (if not months) to get developed? Would you like to offer your professional services for free for a life time to the people you never met and don’t even know?
Download Reliable Video Downloader to Keep Your Mac Secure

Developing and distributing this type of software for free is in fact an easiest way to spread viruses, worms and Trojans. Cybercriminals intentionally create malicious programs in their own interests. Usually these programs are used to access codes to bank accounts, email and other online services accounts, obtrusively advertise products and to illegally access your system’s resources. Read Who Creates Malware and Why for some very interesting information. Not every free service or software is bad. But it is always good to check the things twice in order to protect your data and sensitive information.

Well, enough security lecture… 🙂 , let get back to the main topic of this post.

5 Most Reliable Video Downloaders for Mac

Below is a list of 5 most efficient and reliable Youtube Downloaders for Mac. All of these software have been thoroughly tested for safety and performance. The good news is all of these software have free versions (not free for a life time 😉 ).
Aiseesoft - Top Rated Youtube Downloader for Mac

Aiseesoft is a fresh arrival but in a very short span of time this software has proven itself as one of the best in the industry. Aiseesoft for Mac lets you download your favourite videos from thousands of video publishing websites including Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Additionally it is a great tool to convert YouTube videos to popular video formats supported by iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S4 and other popular personal devices. Download your copy of this software for free.


Airy Youtube Video DownloaderAiry Youtube Downloader stands at #2 in this list. The total number of times this software is downloaded is much much higher than the one we rated #1 on this list. Please be advised, the software rating on this list is not based on how many times the software was actually downloaded. Our experts have  independently tested all of these Youtube downloaders and the ranking is based on their evaluation report. Download your free copy of Airy Youtube Downloader.


Open Source Free Youtube Downloader ClipGrab is an open source Youtube downloader. In addition to Mac OS ClipGrab is also available in Windows and Linux versions. Download ClipGrab for Mac.


Jaksta Media Recorder for MacJaksta Media Recorder falls at #4 in our list. The best thing about this software is it copies the video file directly from the originating server. This video downloading technique makes the media captured up to 10 times faster than the playback time. Download your free copy of Jaksta Media Recorder.

Movie Sherlock Youtube HD Video Recorder Once it was considered to be the most popular Youtube downloader for Mac. Although we have got some better options to download streaming videos today, but Movie Sherlock is still a good (if not best) software to use. Download Movie Sherlock for free.

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