Manage All Your Passwords with One Master Password21st Century has entirely changed the way people communicate and interact with each other. Today we share our current status with the world via Twitter and prefer to send emails instead of sending handwritten letters via post. We use Facebook and other social networks to make new connections and friends. Unquestionably these are all very easier, convenient, and faster services. But if you are someone like me, I hope you also find it difficult to memorize the Passwords of all the services you access online.

Manage Passwords in Windows, Mac, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

It is not a good idea to compromise the security of your accounts by creating weaker passwords, just because they are easy to remember for you. I have a hassle-free solution to manage passwords that will surely help you organize all your passwords without compromising security. Even better, you do not need to install any extra Password Manager Software.

A Master Password to Access All Your Passwords

It is a very convenient option to store all your Usernames and Passwords in a spreadsheet. (See the image below)

Secure Password Manager

No matter how lengthy and difficult your passwords are. In fact, doing this allows you to create more difficult and complex passwords because you don’t have to remember them. All you need is to secure this spreadsheet with the help of a Password and memorize it. Whenever you want to access any of your accounts, open the spreadsheet and Copy+Paste the password to log in to your account.

I hope you will agree, it is easier to remember just one password than a whole list. But if you think you can’t remember even a single password, probably you need THIS.

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