How To Build An Affiliate Website Using WordPressIf you have read wealth-creation books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad and The One Minute Millionaire, you already know that the main secret to “making It big” is simply to create multiple passive income streams. If you have not read these books, I strongly advise you to do so! Many such books advocate purchasing property or even stocks and shares, but of course venturing into these markets requires a substantial investment as a starting point. You may well dream of owning a portfolio of properties that generate a tidy sum in monthly rentals, but in reality building such a portfolio, if possible, could take a lifetime.

Advantages of Building Affiliate Websites

From a very early age we are all taught that the way to succeed in life is to study hard, perhaps go to university and then work our way up the career ladder. In my opinion this way of thinking is completely flawed. I have played the role of an ambitious employee climbing the career ladder and although I did reap some financial reward, the quality of my life, due to an increased workload, actually declined.

Internet real estate, in the form of affiliate websites, can be far more profitable than property located in even highly sought-after locations. Better still, highly profitable affiliate websites can be built by anybody, no matter the size of their investment capital. You could actually start building affiliate websites with no initial capital investment.

How Much Money Can Be Made Building Affiliate Websites?

I am not going to promise that you can easily generate a six-figure plus income building affiliate websites, because in reality only a very small percentage of affiliates achieve that. If you are dedicated and self-motivated, monthly revenue of up to USD 5000 is easily possible for full-time affiliates. If you intend to work as a part-time affiliate, monthly revenue of USD 1000 to USD 2500 is a realistic target. How would an extra USD 30,000 a year change your life?

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