Key Health Benefits of Including Salmon Fish in Your Major MealsCold-water fish are among the most powerful superfoods you can eat; and among these salmon contain both rich sources of antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids, especially omega-3. Salmon fish provides many health benefits and can be prepared in a variety of methods.

Meet The Salmon…

Salmon was a wild animal once so abundant, so predictable, and so nutritious that an entire culture in the basin of the Columbia River was called The Salmon People. Their culture was organized around the spanning of the fish. Many societies have been organized around a food so important that the food transcends being called a staple. For instance, the Mayans cultivated corn. The typical tribal member historically consumed nearly a pound of the Salmon fish every day. In the Pacific Northwest, the fish still retains a kind of cultish, pervasive presence from the famous fishmongers tossing in salmon Farmers Market in Seattle to the annual festivals in town on salmon bearing rivers during the salmon runs.

Although the fish reproduce in fresh water, returning to the riverbeds where they were born, the salmon migrate to the ocean as they grow into adults ready to reproduce over a period of up to five years. They may travel hundreds of miles, and then return to their spanning beds. The trip through the fresh water begin a process of deterioration that spreads up after they spawn. After they spawn, they die.

Advantages of Eating Salmon

Salmon is a real food that will alter your mood in a positive way. Your body so long starved of a rich source of micronutrients will rejoice. You will lose weight because your body will have access to the nutrients that it craves. You will find yourself satisfied and satiated rather than tormented by the desire for more food because by eating Salmon fish that contains a compact dose of nutrition, your cells will find the building blocks they need.

Salmon Fish Provides…

  • Energy
  • Elements that remove toxins
  • Nutrients that are used by your brain and produce mental clarity
  • Rich fiber and the right kind of nutrients that promote weight loss
  • Support for your immune system
  • Essential oils to clear and brighten your skin

Get started today and begin to include Salmon in your major meals. This Ultimate Collection of Salmon Recipes will help you become fluent in using this amazing superfood in your diet.

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