Format Painter in Microsoft Excel 2010Format Painter is a very simple but Powerful tool in Microsoft Excel 2010 that helps you copy cell’s format settings from one cell to another. This formatting includes font type, size and color, fill color, type and style of border etc. Format Painter tool is not only convenient to use but it also saves you time. Manual cell formatting in excel is really very boring and time taking process.

How To Use Format Painter In Excel 2010?

Tips on How to Use Format Painter in ExcelFormat Painter tool can be effectively used in just three simple steps.



  • Simply click the cell (The one you want to copy formatting from).
  • Click the Format Painter Button, located in the Clipboard section of the Home tab (as shown in the image). You will notice that your pointer has been changed and now it includes a Paint Brush icon in it.
  • Click the cell (The one, where you want to paste the formatting you just copied). As soon as you release the mouse button, the formatting will be applied to the destination cell and you’ll notice, the Pointer has become normal (as it was before copying).

Advanced Format Painter Tips

Format Painter can also be used to copy formatting from a group of cells. It is possible to copy formatting from cells that are different from each other e.g. they carry different fill colors. The copied formatting from both the cells can be pasted to as many new cells as you want. This new group of cells would alternate between the two Fill Colors.

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