Interesting Facts and Myths about Low Carb Meal PlansAny diet or way of life will attract three types attention – those who are indifferent, those who are all for it and those who are dead against it. It’s this last set of people that triggers the myths and the bad publicity surrounding the low carb lifestyle. Perhaps the obvious reason they are so against your lifestyle choice could be a small amount of jealousy – they see you losing weight, bouncing with energy and feeling like life really is for living while they flounder. The following five are the most common myths that surround the low carb lifestyle.

1. You Can’t Eat Fruits Or Vegetables On A Low Carb Diet

There are plenty of vegetables on a low carb diet and a certain amount of fruits as well. There aren’t so many fruits because many contain high levels of sugar but there are still sufficient for the diet to be considered “healthy”.

2. Low Carb Diets Are Responsible For Kidney Damage

Many people believe that the high levels of protein are responsible for kidney damage. However, there haven’t actually been any scientific studies to show this to be true. What has been shown is that a low carb diet can work the opposite and improve kidney function.

3. Low Carb Diets Are A Recipe For A Heart Attack

When someone tells you this, while you are savoring every mouthful of your grilled steak and salad, try not to laugh. Especially if that person has just finished eating a huge plate of greasy fries and is about to order cake! Lower blood pressure and less fat accumulating in the body, not to mention the lack of refined sugar and increased levels of energy all point to this being one of the healthiest lifestyles around and not one that is guaranteed to promote heart problems. Of course, that does depend on you following the rules to a low carb lifestyle properly.

Think back to the cave men. What did they eat? Fruits, vegetables and meat. They didn’t have starchy, carb-laden foods or sugars. The low carb lifestyle is taking you back to basics, back to what your body was designed to consume. They didn’t suffered from obesity and heart problems and neither will you.

4. You Don’t Lose Fat, You Lose Water And Muscle Mass

The first few days of any diet promote water loss, simply because you are flushing toxins from your system. If you follow the low carb lifestyle properly, you will start to burn fat with a few days of starting. And, as for muscle mass, low fat diets promote the loss of this more than low carb diets do.

5. You Can’t Sustain A Low Carb Diet Because It’s Boring

A low carb diet is anything but boring. Boring is eating one slice of whole meal toast with nothing on it for breakfast, a small salad with no dressing for lunch and the tiniest portions of steamed veg and a bit of fish for dinner. Boring is depriving yourself. In a low carb lifestyle, the last thing you are doing is depriving yourself. Have a read of these recipes and you will see that this is anything but not boring.

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