You may have been fed subliminal messages in different forms, from TV ads to billboards about the fast food, health and weight loss. These subliminal messages are in the form of fast food TV commercials, print ads, online ads and billboards which try to show how foods such as refined sugars, grains and foods like French fries and cheese burgers are NOT the culprit for weight gain. Or how Trans Fats added in foods like French fries and cheese burgers, being sold as “Healthy Hydrogenated Oil” is NOT causing your waist line to increase.
Does Fast Food Cause Obesity?
It is a scientifically proven truth that refined sugars, grains, dairy and Trans Fats accelerate your weight gain because of one fat storing hormone (Cortisol).

The Rise in Cortisol Causes More Fat to Be Stored

When you eat foods like refined sugar, grains and trans-fats like French fries, the cortisol level in your body spikes and the body resists weight loss. Your body thinks you might starve and starts holding fats you eat and takes fats from your butt and hips, while moving it to your abdomen which has more cortisol receptors.

This abdomen fat than surrounds your organs which causes inflammation, Insulin resistance and more stomach fat to be stored. Cortisol also spikes in humans due to stress. The stress, people go through after they have tried everything to lose weight and rejuvenate their body. Yet eventually they get demoralized and they give up. The rise in cortisol causes more fat to be stored. Which then ends up starting a vicious cycle, as the body actually resists weight loss out of fear of starvation.

US FDA Have Now Taken Steps to Remove Trans Fats

Reducing or removing grains and sugars can cause weight loss and improved health. The US FDA have now taken steps to remove Trans Fats, citing them as not safe and have stated, that their action is expected to reduce coronary heart disease and prevent thousands of fatal heart attacks every year.