Cefspan Syrup (Suspension) and Cefspan CapsulesCefspan Syrup, Capsules and Cepspan DS is a series of antimicrobial agents for oral administration. It contains cefixime, a semi-synthetic drug that belongs to the 3rd generation of Cephalosporin class of antibiotics. Cefspan is effective in the treatment of the following infections;

Cefspan Indications

  • Otitis Media
  • Sinusitis
  • Upper Respiratory Infections e.g. Pharyngitis and Tonsillitis
  • Lower Respiratory Infections e.g. Acute Bronchitis
  • Urinary Tract Infections e.g. Cystitis and Urethritis
  • Uncomplicated Gonorrhea

for detailed information about the uses of Cefixime antibiotic, see Cefspan Indications.

 It is strongly recommended to perform appropriate susceptibility tests before initiating treatment with any antibiotic including Cefspan.

Cefspan – Recommended Dosage

  • Adults
    The recommended dosage of Cefspan 200 mg Tablets is twice a day or 400 mg Capsules once daily.
  • Children
    The recommended dosage of Cefspan Syrup 100mg/5ml or Cefspan DS 200mg/5ml is 8mg/kg body weight once daily (as a single dose).
  • Children Older than 12 Years
    children with a body weight of more than 50 kg or older than 12 years of age should be treated with the standard recommended dosage for adult patients.
 Cefspan is not recommended for children of lesser than 6 months of age. Moreover, it is contraindicated for subjects with known hypersensitivity to cefixime or other drugs in cephalosporin class.

Cefspan – Drug Warnings

Anaphylactic reactions have been reported with the use of Cephalosporins. In order to avoid this type of possible allergic reactions with Cefspan, it is very important to make a careful inquiry to ensure that patient is not hypersensitive to cephalosporins, penicillin antibiotics or any other drugs. Moreover, Cefspan should be administered with caution to subjects who have demonstrated some form of allergy.

Broad spectrum antimicrobial agents, alter the normal flora of the gastrointestinal tract. This may result in an overgrowth of Clostridium difficile, a major cause of severe AAD or antibiotic associated diarrhea.

 Warnings for Patients
This drug is an antibiotic and should be used to treat bacterial infections only. It is not effective against viral infections, e.g. common cold. Moreover, for your own safety, do not take any medicine including Cefspan without a prescription from a registered medical practitioner.

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