Anafortan Plus Tablets and InjectionsAnafortan Plus is a musculotropic antispasmodic. It has antispasmodic effect on smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal, biliary and urogenital tracts.


Each Anafortan® Plus coated tablet contains:

  • Hydrated Phloroglucinol ….. 80 mg
    Corresponding to anhydrous phloroglucinol 62.233 mg
  • Trimethylphloroglucinol ….. 80 mg

Each Anafortan Plus Injection 4ml contains

  • Hydrated Phloroglucinol ….. 40 mg
  • Trimethylphloroglucinol ….. 0.04 mg

Anafortan Plus – Indications

Anafortan Plus is indicated for symptomatic treatment of:

  • Colics due to renal and biliary calculi
  • Acute pain due to spasm of bile ducts, urinary passages or in gastrointestinal tract
  • Pain of uncertain genesis in the abdominal region
  • Spastic conditions of the female genital system e.g. dysmenorrhea

Dosage And Mode Of Administration

  • Tablets: 1 tablet 3 times daily with a maximum dose of six tablets daily.
  • Injection: 1-3 ampoules IM or IV daily
Do not exceed from the maximum recommended dose.  Moreover, do not take Anafortan Plus if you are hypersensitive of any of its ingredients.

Use in Pregnancy and Lactation

Anafortan Plus should be taken during pregnancy only if necessary. Women who are breast feeding should not take this drug.

Possible Side Effects

As with other antispasmodics, this drug may cause trouble some side effects of varying degree in certain individuals. Very rare reports of allergic skin reactions have been reported.


In you have any doubt, do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor. Always keep out of reach of children.

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