Airy is a versatile tool that enables you to download videos from YouTube to your Mac. Airy features a crispy clean UI and intuitive navigation that makes it extremely easy-to-use. Just copy-paste any YouTube video’s URL into the application, choose a file format and quality in which you would want your video to be saved, click Download button and leave the rest on Airy YouTube Downloader!
Airy YouTube Downloader for Mac


Hassle-free Processing of HD, 4K HD Videos

Choose a format and quality depending on what device you are planning to playback the video on – for mobile devices a lower quality will do, while to enjoy your viewing experience on an HD screen you better download the highest quality possible. Airy is capable of processing really heavy HD and 4K HD videos without hassle. You are able to save videos in MP4, FLV, and 3GP formats.

Download Multiple YouTube Videos Simultaneously

Airy YouTube Downloader is powerful enough to download several videos simultaneously. In order to download multiple video files at the same time, gather your desired YouTube video links to a text editor (one link per line), select all the links, copy and paste them into Airy window. The next step is to choose the format to save the downloaded video files and click Download.

This option works in licensed version only.

Airy Also Works as a YouTube MP3 Downloader

If you wish to download an audio file instead of the whole video you can use Airy as YouTube MP3 downloader. It easily extracts audio files from YouTube videos and catches titles with album arts. Downloading process is very simple. Just copy and paste the link, select MP3 or another audio format available and then click Download.

Once you download and install Airy, it gets added to your Launchpad. You can integrate it in a web-browser – click the app’s icon in the toolbar to start downloading – or keep it in the Dock to make things even easier. The app supports all popular Mac web browsers e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

Airy Lets You Download YouTube Playlists

Downloading YouTube playlists is very simple with Airy. All you need to do is to copy the YouTube playlist URL and paste it into the Airy window. Wait for some time while Airy is parsing the links. Once parsing is over, choose the format you want and click Download button. By default, the downloaded videos are saved into the Downloads folder, but you can easily change the destination folder in Preferences. To clear the full list of active downloads, or the queue of pending downloads go to Airy menu and choose “Clear downloads list option”.

Airy YouTube Downloader : Free Vs Paid Version

The free version of Airy allows you to download two videos. Trial version does not allow adding multiple links at a time and downloads only first 2 items of YouTube playlist.

For a fee of $19.95 you get access to unlimited YouTube downloading and all handy options the app has to offer. If you are into downloading videos from web, Airy YouTube Downloader is certainly worth checking out.

Airy requires Mac OS X 10.7 and higher. The app is translated to German, French, Russian and Japanese.

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