Where to Buy Essential Oils OnlineEssential Oils are great to treat many common health complaints naturally. For example, if you’ve got a headache, you don’t really have to use ibuprofen or any other synthetic drug. The safest way is to rub a drop of therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil into your temples, and within 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll feel fantastic. If you typed Where To Buy Essential Oils in a search engine and reached this page, you have come to the right place. Below is a list followed by some basic information and links to the best stores to buy Essential Oils online at great prices.

List of Top 10 Stores To Buy Essential Oils

Amazon > #1 on My List of Places To Buy Essential Oils

Buy Essential Oils @ Amazon.comAmazon is the largest internet-based retailer. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Amazon was founded in the year 1994. The company offers millions of products under hundreds of categories. Amazon is a great place to buy all types of essential oils. Some of the bestselling Essential Oils at Amazon include Lavender, Peppermint, Sandalwood and Rosemary.

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GNC > #2, The Largest Retailer of Health & Wellness Products Worldwide

GNC - Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils CollectionGNC is a publicly traded American company that offers a comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements and health & wellness products. With almost 7500 retail stores worldwide, presently, GNC is the largest retailer in this category. In addition to dietary supplement, GNC is also a great place to buy therapeutic grade essential oils online.

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Walgreens > #3, The Second Largest Pharmacy Stores Chain in America

Essential Oils at WalgreensWalgreens is a wholly owned subsidiary of Walgreens Boots Alliance. The company operates almost 8200 pharmacy stores across the United States. In addition to prescription drugs and health & wellness supplements, Walgreens also offers a complete range of high-quality essential oils. Last year, Walgreens Boots Alliance generated 104 billion American Dollars in revenue.

Target > #4, The Second Largest Chain of Department Stores in America

Health and Wellness Products @ Target StoresTarget is another publicly traded American company that owns the second largest chain of department stores in the United States. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the company was originally founded in the year 1902. Like Amazon, Target offers a huge variety of products under several categories and it is also one of the best places to buy essential oils online.

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Walmart > #5, Buy Essential Oil Kits at GREAT Discounts

Essential Oil Kits at WalmartWalmart is a world-famous, American retail giant that presently operates over 11600 discount department stores worldwide. Headquartered in Bentonville, Kansas, the first Walmart Store was founded by Sam Walton in the year 1962. Walmart offers an impressive variety of finest quality essential oils at great prices. Last year, Walmart generated over 483 billion American Dollars in revenue.

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Sephora > #6, Fine Quality Essential Oils & Personal Care Products

Personal Care Products and Essential Oils at Sephora StoresSephora is a subsidiary of LVMH and a French chain of retail stores that specializes in beauty and personal care. Headquartered in Paris, the first Sephora was launched in the year 1969. Sephora stores feature over 300 world-famous brands of cosmetics, beauty & personal care. Sephora is another good store to buy essential oils online.

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Young Living > #7, Essential Oils, Diffusers & Accessories

Buy Essential Oils from Young LivingYoung Living is a privately owned, American company that specializes in Essential Oils and other related products. Headquartered in Lehi, Utah, Young Living was founded in the year 1993. The most popular product categories offered by Young Living include Essential Oils, Blends, Diffusers and Accessories. Essential Oils and other products offered by Young Living may be expensive than the majority of sellers on this page.

doTERRA > #8, Pure & Natural Essential Oils

Pure and Natural Essential Oils by doTERRAdoTERRA is another privately owned American company that is famous for its high-quality, pure and natural range of essential oils. Headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah, doTERRA was founded in the year 2008. The company offers a complete range of Essential Oils (Single) as well as Proprietary Blends. doTERRA also sells other personal care products, health supplements and weight loss products.

Sears > #9, Essential Oils, Dietary Supplements & Sports Nutrition

Essential Oils and Wellness Products from Sears StoresSears is one of the oldest American chains of department stores. Headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, the first Sears stores was opened in the year 1886. Sears stores offer a great variety of health and wellness products including Dietary Supplements and Sports Nutrition. Moreover, Sears is also a good place to buy Essential Oil Sets.

Vitamin Shoppe > #10 on Stores to Buy Essential Oils

Buy Essential Oils at Good Discounts from The Vitamin ShoppeThe Vitamin Shoppe is a publicly traded American company that operates a chain of health & wellness stores in the country. Headquartered in North Bergen, New Jersey, The Vitamin Shoppe was founded in the year 1977. The company is famous for its huge inventory of nutritional supplements and good discounts. The Vitamin Shoppe is also one of the best stores to buy essential oils online.

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