In my previous post I explained what essential oils are; today you are going to learn about the advantages of essential oils that make them better than modern medicines. Here are top 5 reasons why essential oils are a better choice than other medicine.

Essential Oils are Cost Effective

Advantages of Essential OilsAs compared to the regular pharmaceutical medicines, herbal remedies like essential oils are cheaper and cost effective. Regular medicines have a variety of taxes and may have many hidden costs; however, this is not applicable in the case of essential oils. Essential oils are easily available over the counter, without prescription and thus can be bought cheap and easily.

Essential Oils Have No or Low Side Effects

Essential oils are natural and herbal sources, as they are derived from plant and plant sources. If these oils are used holistically and under proper supervision no harm is caused whatsoever. As compared to pharmaceutical drugs, essential oils have relatively zero harmful side effects. Even prolonged use of essential oils will not cause any harm unlike regular drugs. Although these oils do not have any side effects, it is necessary to check whether you are allergic to any oil before using it.

Essential Oils are Frequently Available

Unlike regular medicines, essential oils are available far and wide and can be bought from a variety of stores and not just drug stores. Essential oils do not require prescriptions and can be bought easily. You can even grow your own herbs and extract oils from them quite easily. This is one reason why essential oils are one of the most popular alternative forms of medicine throughout the world.

Essential Oils are Safer When Treating Chronic Illnesses

Many chronic diseases like arthritis and chronic cold require prolonged use of drugs. These disorders do not respond well to regular drugs. Prolonged use of modern drugs is not advised as these drugs may contain harmful side effects. These kinds of chronic illnesses need good, holistic medicines, which won’t cause any harm even after prolonged use. Essential oils are better suited for treating such illnesses. The better part is such disorders also respond well to these oils. As these oils are easy to use they are highly recommended for everyone.

Essential Oils are Time-Tested

A variety of modern drugs use components derived from natural ingredients like plant sources. Many drugs contain essential oil extracts. So why not go fully natural and use just essential oils instead of the side effects loaded modern medicine?

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years throughout the world. The ancient Egyptians, Indians, Chinese etc. used essential oils as herbal remedies for all ailments. Since these oils are tried and tested and their knowledge has been passed down generation to generation, these oils are definitely safer than regular medicine.

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