How Does a Tinnitus Sufferer Feel?Chirping, roaring, hissing and whistling are some of the sounds that constitute ear noise. Although it affects more than 36 million Americans, tinnitus has received little publicity. Some conditions are as extreme as the rumble of a subway car, or the roar of a jet plane.

Alcoholism, drug problems and other life-disrupting practices may occur when an afflicted individual becomes convinced his or her condition is hopeless. And it’s easy to see why. We can adjust too many difficulties in life. Chronic illness is relieved by medical attention; personal relationship problems may heal in time. But continuous or intermittent bursts of noise in the ear can destroy a person’s lifestyle almost overnight.

Understanding the world of a person with tinnitus requires that a person with normal hearing imagine living with noise over which there is no control; no quiet haven, only the agony of ongo­ing noise. Most available strategies fail to provide relief. The most common suggested remedy is “learning to live with it.” This ad­vice translates into a daily regimen of discomfort and tension for those beset by tinnitus.

For people suffering from progressive hearing loss, the most common prognosis is the same: “Learn to live with it.” An invisi­ble and insidious process, hearing loss usually begins unnoticed and escalates into a destructive force that ruins lives and careers, creates misunderstandings between friends and loved ones, causes anxiety, stress and isolation.

Many people with progressive hearing loss also complain of fullness or ear pressure sensations in the ear, loudness sensitivity or difficulty understanding people when noise or other voices are present in the background. Others suffer from dizziness, balance problems and ear noises.

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