How To Get Rid of TinnitusWhen you hear a noise such as ringing and swishing that begins in your ear or your head and people around you cannot hear it, you are suffering from tinnitus. Almost 36 million Americans experience this condition. It is not really a serious health problem but it can be discomforting and irritating. Over time, tinnitus usually goes away. If you or someone you love is suffering from this annoying problem, I hope this useful information will help you find a better way to get rid of tinnitus.

What Causes Tinnitus?

There are various causes of tinnitus but the most common is a damaged nerve to your hearing nerves in your inner ear. Age is also a cause as well as diseases of your inner ear like Meniere’s syndrome. If you are always exposed to loud noises like firearms and loud music, you may acquire tinnitus. There are also rare cases where a tumor on your balance or hearing nerve exists and causes this hearing problem.

Tinnitus Symptoms

There are different symptoms of tinnitus. As mentioned, noises like swishing and ringing are symptoms, especially when no one but you can hear them. You will also experience loss of hearing and balance. If you hear intermittent, pulsing or consistent noises resembling that of a heartbeat, you have to inform your physician about it. He will be able to tell you if your tinnitus is normal or more serious. You will also experience symptoms like stress and depression.

Usually, tinnitus is not that serious but if it is persistent, your physician may schedule you for a hearing test such as an audiogram. This shall determine the cause and the depth of your tinnitus. If the audiogram does not give the appropriate answers, there are other tests that your doctor may ask you to undergo such as an MRI or a CT scan or an auditory brain stem response. These tests shall ensure your tinnitus is not due to a graver medical problem.

Your tinnitus shall last depending on you and its causes. You may suffer temporary tinnitus wherein you hear a ringing sound after you hear a very loud noise. Temporary tinnitus is normal and accordingly, 1/3 of adults experience it. It also always disappears fast.

If you suffer continued, chronic or prolonged tinnitus, the noise you hear may last for 24 hours daily. This will require you to see your doctor so that he will check the cause and know the appropriate treatment. There are 5 to 15% of adults who are said to suffer chronic tinnitus.

Is There a Drug-Free System to Get Rid of Tinnitus?

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