Each Tardyferon Fol tablet contains:

  • Elemental Iron … 80 mg
  • Mucoproteose … 80 mg
  • Folic Acid … 0.35 mg
  • Ascrorbic Acid (as anti-oxidant)

What is Tardyferon Fol Used For?

Tardyferon Fol TabletsIn a substantial percentage of women, increased iron and folic acid requirements during pregnancy, the postpartum period and lactation result in anemic conditions which can be eliminated by the administration of Tardyferon Fol Tablets. Intolerance of iron therapy is due to locally excessive concentrations or too rapid a release of iron ions in the gastrointestinal tract. In order to avoid mucosal damage and irritation in Tardyferon Fol the easily soluble and readily absorbed iron (ii) sulphate is galenically combined with Mucoproteose. Mucoproteose is a natural, high molecular weight fraction obtained from intestinal mucosa, with a defined content of amino sugars and organically bound sulphate.

Tardyferon Fol Indications

  • Latent iron deficiency
  • Iron deficiency anemias with folic acid deficiency

Usual dosage

  1. The recommended dosage of Tardyferon Fol for mild iron deficiency anemias, latent iron deficiency and increased iron requirement is one tablet daily before breakfast.
  2. Severe Iron Deficiency Anemias
    Tardyferon Fol slow-release tablet twice daily before breakfast and the evening meal. The duration of this treatment is determined by the physician. In order to replenish the body’s iron reserves, treatment with Tardyferon Fol Tablets is daily before breakfast should be continued for 1 to 3 months after hemoglobin values have returned to normal.
In patients with hemochromatosis, a rare pathological accumulation of iron in the tissues, the administration of iron should be avoided. Moreover Megaloblastic anemia due to vitamin B12 deficiency may not be treated with folic acid.

Tardyferon Fol Side Effects

Like any oral iron preparation, Tardyferon Fol tablets cause dark faces. This is of no significance. In a few isolated cases, slight gastrointestinal symptoms may occur. No further side effects of therapeutic doses have been reported.

How Tardyferon Fol Interacts with Other Drugs?

Iron ions inhibit the absorption of oral tetracycline medicines, so that two drugs should not be given simultaneously.

Drug Overdose

If the dosage instructions are observed with Tardyferon Fol cannot result in an excessive supply of iron. If large numbers of tablets are inadvertently swallowed, raw eggs and milk should be administered so that the iron is bound in the gastrointestinal tract and excreted. An overdose ingested only a short time previously can often be removed from the stomach by inducing vomiting. The physician can remove the iron from the body by gastric lavage with a 1% aqueous solution of sodium bicarbonate or by administering desferrioxamine. Folic acid overdosage is not possible with the quantities contained Tardyferon Fol.

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