Maltofer Range of Products Including Tablets, Syrup, Drops and Maltofer Fol TabletsMaltofer Tablets, Syrup, Drops and Maltofer Fol Tablets,  are components of a series of products that are used to prevent and treat all kind of iron deficiencies particularly iron deficiency anemia. Maltofer Tablet formulation is especially for the prophylactic therapy of iron deficiency to cover the recommended daily dietary allowances (RDA) during pregnancy and lactation, adolescents, women capable of bearing children, and adults. (If you are reading this, you might be interested in Pregnancy Tips and Tricks).

Maltofer Fol Tablets

Maltofer Fol Tablets are for the treatment of latent and manifest iron deficiency and prevention of iron and folic acid deficiency before, during and after pregnancy and during lactation.

Maltofer Posology and Methods of Administration

Dosage and duration of therapy are dependent upon the extent of iron deficiency. The daily dose of Maltofer can be divided into separate doses or can be taken at one time. Maltofer Fol tablets can be chewed or swallowed whole and should be taken during or immediately after a meal.

In cases of manifested iron deficiency this therapy takes about 3 to 5 months until a normalization of the hemoglobin value is achieved. Afterwards the therapy should be continued for several weeks to replenish the iron stores.

Is It Safe to Use Maltofer During Pregnancy & Lactation?

Reproduction studies in animals did not show any fetal risk. Moreover, controlled studies in women after the first trimester of pregnancy have not shown any undesirable effects on mother and neonates. Maltofer is a safer therapy for iron deficiency anemia and there is no evidence of a risk during the first trimester and the possibility of a negative influence to the fetus is unlikely to occur.

Naturally, a mother’s milk contains iron bound to Lactoferrin. It is not known how much iron from the complex is passed into mother’s milk. The administration of Maltofer Fol Tablets is unlikely to cause undesirable effects to the nursed child. But it is strongly recommended not to use any of the product in Maltofer series (or any other drug) without a prescription from a qualified health care professional. For more information, see Maltofer Side Effects.

Maltofer Dosage

Age Group Formulation Manifested Deficiency Latent Deficiency
Children >12 YearsAdultsNursing Women Maltofer Tablets 1 to 3 Tablets Daily 1 Tablet Daily
Pregnant Women Maltofer TabletsMaltofer Fol Tablets 1 to 3 Tablets Daily 1 Tablet Daily