Reasons For Hair Loss or Alopecia in Men and WomenAlopecia or Hair Loss is a very common problem and according to several studies, almost 50% of the men and a sizable percentage of women across the globe ultimately experience partial or total hair loss.

Just because Hair Loss is very common doesn’t mean that it cannot be prevented and/or treated. Interestingly, there are some very effective & proven techniques to restore hair to its Full Glory. But before choosing the method that is best to recover your hair loss, you need to understand the possible reasons behind the problem.

What are The Possible Causes of Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be triggered by mechanical damage or disease as easily as by aging or hormonal changes over time. Tying your hair tightly into braids, tails, and fancy hairstyles with bands and other fasteners can pull sharply on the roots, possibly injuring them and causing them to enter their catagen and telogen phases early in an effort to heal. You should therefore avoid all hair styling methods both on yourself and your children which might cause undue stress to the follicles.

Rough brushing and tight hair bands etc. should be avoided in order to keep the scalp healthy. Anything that disrupts the structure of hair are harmful because it causes the follicles to switch over to their telogen phase as well, possibly on a permanent basis.

Try to avoid Chemicals and hair treatments. Both are harmful to your hair. For example, Having your hair permed is massively stressful because of the harm it inflicts on the hair shafts and possibly on the follicles as well. Dyeing your hair introduces chemicals that may sear the sensitive glands within your scalp, which secrete the keratin and proteins that make up the layered structure of your hair shafts.

Avoid metal and always prefer a plastic or wood comb whenever you brush your or your children hair. Try to avoid yanking on the hair, and use conditioner to smooth the passage of the teeth or bristles through your tresses in the event that your hair has become tangled.

Illness or some medical treatments may also be a potential cause of hair loss. In majority of cases, this type of alopecia is temporary. A heavy flare-up of an autoimmune condition e.g. Crohn’s Disease is among the most common causes of bald spots to appear on the head. Hair will usually begin to grow again on the smooth areas as soon as the flare-up eases.

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