Whatever you do in your daily life has an impact on your hair growth. Exercise is one of the best and most important things you do in order to maintain your physical health. Daily exercise not only helps you keep an attractive physique, but it also stimulates your hair growth.

How Exercise Helps Stimulate Hair Growth?

Exercise to Stimulate Hair GrowthThe mechanism is very simple. Physical exercise leads to increased blood flow. Resultantly you have stronger and toned muscles. Similarly when you exercise to stimulate increased blood flow to the whole scalp area, every follicle gets essential nutrients and energy that come along. As a result you get stronger hair.

Every exercise that helps burn free testosterone in the body is good for hair retention and growth. These types of exercises are known as Aerobic Exercises. The basic objective of this type of exercises is to boost cardiovascular and respiratory health. If you include aerobic exercises in your daily schedule and do scalp massage for five to ten minutes at the end, within a couple of weeks you’ll see a very positive impact of your efforts on your hair. Aerobic exercises increase the blood flow to all parts of the body while scalp or hair massage at the end makes it more beneficial for hair growth. Some examples of these exercises are as under;

Example Exercises

  • Reverse sit-ups
  • Lying splits
  • Standing push-ups
  • Leg swings
  • Thigh swipes

One should exercise enough to stimulate the blood flow. But keep in mind that excess of everything is bad. Do not push yourself to the point where you feel tired and/or aching after the session. There is no ideal length for these exercise sessions because it totally depends upon physical condition that varies person to person. In most cases, twenty minutes once or twice a day is a good starting point. You can increase the length of exercise session if you are comfortable and have some extra free time.

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