Novidat Drug InteractionsDrugs which effect the acidity of the stomach (antacids) containing aluminium hydroxide or magnesium hydroxide reduce the uptake (absorption) of Novidat. Consequently, Novidat should be taken either 1 to 2 hours before, or at least 4 hours after the antacid. This restriction does not apply to antacids which do not contain aluminium or magnesium hydroxide e.g. H2 receptor blockers.

The simultaneous administration of Novidat and theophylline can lead to an unwanted increase in the serum theophylline concentration, thereby producing theophylline-induced side-effects. If the concomitant administration of these two drugs is unavoidable, the serum concentration of theophylline should be checked and its dosage reduced accordingly.

Animal experiments have indicated that the combination of very high doses of quinolones (DNA gyrase inhibitors) with certain nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g. fenbufen, not acetylsalicylic acid) can lead to convulsions.

However these interactions have not been observed in patients taking Novidat. A transient rise in the concentration of serum creatinine was observed when Novidat and cyclosporin were administered simultaneously. Therefore, it is necessary to control the serum creatinine concentrations in these patients frequently (twice a week).

Warning to Drivers Who Are Being Treated with Novidat

Even when taken as prescribed, Novidat can alter patient’s responsiveness, impairing the ability to drive or operate machinery. This is even more applicable when the drug is taken in conjunction with alcohol.

Novidat – Restriction on Use

Novidat should be used with caution in the elderly. In epileptics and in patients who have suffered from previous CNS-disorders e.g. lowered convulsion threshold, previous history of convulsion, reduced cerebral blood flow and altered brain structure or stroke. Novidat should only be used where the benefits of treatment exceed the risks, since these patients are endangered because of possible central-nervous system side effects.

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