Neurontin Dosage for Nerve Pain and Anxiety Neurontin is (Gabapentin) is used with other medications to treat partial seizures and it can be used to relieve the burning nerve pain that sometimes persists for months or even years after an attack of shingles (Herpes Zoster). There are many evolving indications to use Neurontin but it is mainly indicated for the treatment of neuropathic pain (Nerve Pain) and epilepsy. The information about Neurontin Dosage schedule is shown below.

Dosage In Postherpetic Neuralgia

In patients with postherpetic neuralgia, the starting dose is 300 mg three times a day. If necessary the dose may be increased using 300 – 400 mg capsules or 600 mg tablets three times a day, up to 1800 mg / day.

Neurontin In Epilepsy

Neurontin is recommended as an adjunctive therapy in patients 3 years and above. Its effectiveness below 3 years has not been established yet.

Neurontin In Patients Above 12 Years of Age

The usual effective starting dose of Neurontin is 900 to 1800 mg/day in two to three divided doses using 300 or 400 mg capsules, or 600 mg tablets. The maximum time between the doses should not exceed 12 hours.

Pediatric Patients – Age 3 to 12 Years

The starting dose should range from 10-15 mg/kg/day in divided doses until the effective dosage is reached by upward titration over a period of approximately 3 days The effective dose of Neurontin in pediatric patients age 3-4 years is 40 mg/kg/day and given in divided doses (three times a day). In patients 5 years and above the effective dose is 25-35 mg/kg/day given in divided does (three times a day). In any case the maximum time interval between the doses should never exceed 12 hours. If in any case Neurontin is discontinued and/or an alternate anticonvulsant medication is added to the therapy, this should be done over a minimum of one week.

Dosage in Renal Impairment

Since Neurontin is excreted from the body through kidneys, care should be taken when prescribing to patients with impaired renal function and creatinine clearance monitored.

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