Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids to Take to SchoolAs a kid, not much is many things are as important as what is packed inside your lunch bag. It’s a daily ritual to see what delicious goodies await, and it can make or break your day. But as a parent, you have to worry more about what kinds of nutritious foods are going in that lunch bag, and that can be a daily struggle. How do you find the best foods that will give your kids the energy to succeed at school while also making it a fun meal that they’ll be excited to eat? Click Here to download an ultimate collection of delicious and convenient lunch bag recipes for kids.

Ways to Make School Lunches Healthier

There are many options out there for your kid’s lunch bag, from the classic sandwiches and fruit slices, to the more creative dishes like wraps and pasta salads. The most important thing to consider when preparing and packing a lunch bag meal is balance. The best way to ensure proper nutrition is to make sure that each lunch bag meal contains a nice variety of foods from the different food groups, and also contains carbs, proteins, and fats in balanced quantities. This will give your child fast-burning and slow-burning energy sources that will get them through the second half of their school day. It will also make sure that a diverse assortment of nutrients are consumed, nutrients that will help various systems in the body perform at maximum output. For example, a kids lunch bag packed with a small sandwich containing a lean deli meat, cheese, and veggies, a portion of fruit, and a side of cheesy crackers offers carbs, proteins, and fats and covers daily, grain, fruit, vegetable, and meat categories. A lunch bag meal like this will satisfy your child’s hunger and set them up for a successful afternoon.

A Healthier Lunch Bag Meal is made from Natural Sources

To make this variety of foods the best it can be for your child, try to make sure that each component of the lunch bag meal is healthy and made from whole, natural food sources. Go with whole wheat grains, lean proteins, and natural cheeses for sandwiches, and whole fruits and veggies as sides and snacks. The more whole food components in your child’s lunch bag, the more nutrition they’ll get. Plus, these types of foods are generally more appealing, even for children. Yes, kids do love those gummy fruit snacks, but they also love real strawberries and bananas and apples. So stick to foods that are naturally-occurring for a more delicious, nutritious lunch bag meal.

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