The Simplest Way To Find Password Of Wifi In WindowsIt is a very common situation that your computer automatically gets connected to your Wifi Network whenever you turn it on. On the other hand, when you try to access internet from your Mobile Phone using the same Wifi Network, It asks you to enter Password. There are many ways to find forgotten Wifi Password and in this post I am going to share the simplest way to do that. In this step by step tutorial I have also included self explaining snapshots of every stage.

The Simplest Way To Find Wifi Password

How To Find A Password In Microsoft Windows 7

Click the Wifi Sign located at the right corner of your task bar then click Open Network and Sharing Center from the resulting Popup Menu.

Network and Sharing Center In Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8

Click Manage Wireless Networks, located in the left side bar of network and sharing center (as shown in the image). Doing this will show you a list of the Wifi Networks that are saved in your computer’s memory.

Manage Wireless Networks - List of Saved Wifi Networks

Right Click the network from the list (the one you want to find the password of). Click Properties from the popup menu.

Wifi Network Properties Shows The Password

Click The Security Tab of the Wireless Network Properties Dialog box. Check the Show Characters tick box if it is unchecked. The characters shown in the Network Security Key field is the Password of your Wifi Network.

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