Modern day society doesn’t leave time to exercise. For many even mentioning exercise would come across as an immediate turn off. Majority of the patients with diabetes are simply too busy in their stressful, time consuming jobs and family responsibilities. This situation makes it almost impossible for them to hit the gym and workout for grueling hours every day.
The High Intensity Interval Training for Diabetics - Exercise Tips for Diabetics


Best Exercise for Diabetics (without a Gym Subscription)

Luckily, there is a very short and very simple form of exercise that solves this problem completely. The type of exercise I am talking about is called “The High Intensity Interval Training”, or “HiiT” for short. Maybe you’ve heard of it before, but if not let me briefly explain.

What is the High Intensity Interval Training?

The high intensity interval training is a form of exercise that is based on simple movements that you need to do just for a few minutes a day. You can do these simple workouts from the comfort of your own home, without spending a single cent as HiiT doesn’t require a gym subscription.

Over the years of research, this simple exercise technique has shown dramatic improvements in glucose levels, Insulin sensitivity, weight loss, blood pressure and overall health.

HiiT Vs Moderate Intensity, Time Consuming Exercise

The High Intensity Interval Training is a proven and effective way to activate your own body’s internal diabetes destroyer. A study published in The Journal of diabetes research found that HiiT, Compared to moderate intensity and tedious time consuming exercise, produced far better reductions in blood sugar.

Another published study in The Journal of diabetes metabolic syndrome and obesity, a single hit session of HiiT improved post eating blood glucose for 24 hours while a simple two week program reduced the average length glucose reading by 13%. Surprisingly, the patient’s blood glucose stays low for a whole 3 days after the exercise. That’s 3 whole days of your body’s built in diabetes reversing system, finally working for you not against you.