Propr Habits or Personal Goals - What is more important?The most important part of changing your habits is that it has a “bounce back” effect. You change your habits, and in turn, it changes you, not in the basic sense but ultimately. Yes habits can change you ultimately! Establishing proper habits will help you transform and become a better man, just like how a cocoon can produce a beautiful butterfly. This also means that changing habits is not that easy but the results are very sweet.

A study has shown that developing proper habits is actually even more important than making personal goals. This means that instead of focusing on your goals, try focusing on changing on your habits first before you ever focus on setting a goal. This might be the formula to success. As you can see, when a person wants to achieve a certain goal, he tends to focus on his own self-control or motivation. It might be a good idea but it’s not actually a strong foundation. It’s because our habits persist even if we have no more energy to exert and are very tired from a day’s work. This scenario can result in you getting off-track in your goals. For example, after a stressful day in your job if you’re not feeling “motivated”, then you simply fall back to your old habits.

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