What is the purpose of your life?Today, in the 21st Century the majority of people are facing multiple challenges. They are sick, poor, unhappy and emotionally unfulfilled. It is very rare to find a person who is happy, healthy, and wealthy.

When you come in to work happy and in a good mood you are met with all kinds of questions, “What is wrong? What happened to you? Why are you so happy? Did you win the lottery?”

When asked how you feel and your response is, “I feel great,” people think something is wrong with you. They don’t understand how you could feel better than they do. Most people really do have problems, not just with health, but problems that affect their whole life. You truly are the exception when you are the one person who is feeling good with no special reason.

Have you ever realized that we only experience five to seven emotions in our life? We feel anger, our most common emotion, we experience fear, frustration, sadness, and sometimes, thankfully, a bit of joy. But most of the time we feel down or even depressed.

We, as modern human beings, are constantly chasing something, always wanting to accomplish something, to be successful and to also be everywhere we need to be at the same time. We are always in a rush. We are consistently running in circles, to do, to go, and never allowing ourselves to just be.

We are no longer human BEings anymore, we have become human DOings; running, rushing, and striving for success. Have you ever took the time to stop and ask yourself, “What are you living for? What are you here for? What is the purpose of your life?”

We don’t take time for any of these important questions. Instead we distract ourselves from them, by watching TV, by eating and drinking, and even more often by going shopping. We are running in circles, day after day, year after year. We all have the same problems with our finances, with our relationships, and with our health. We are just not taking the time to address the problems and find a solution.

We all have too many issues to deal with, too many challenges to face all at once; we just don’t want to see them. After a while our minds begin to protect our emotions from the pain of our problems and we literally blind ourselves to our situation. Unfortunately, when that happens, we literally “can’t see” anymore.

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