Principles of Customized Fat Loss for Men by Kyle LeonObesity isn’t a small problem our nation faces today; it’s an epidemic. The hundreds of diet and fitness programs that flood the market with fad bestselling books, late-night infomercials, and “magic pills” are only making the problem worse. So why is it that millions of Americans aren’t able to maintain a healthy body weight?

First, because the challenge of losing body fat—especially belly fat around the waistline—is an issue of practicing consistent, long-term healthy eating habits that are sustainable for the rest of your life.

Second, because most people have no idea which type of workouts are actually the most effective for losing body fat.

The Customized Fat Loss system for Men is a no-nonsense, effective program that has been created by Kyle Leon (New York Times bestselling author) to address those issues of losing body fat, eating healthy, and developing lean muscle in a way that will be sustainable in the long run. This results-driven system incorporates nine critical principles:

  1. Follow a simplified and sustainable system
  2. Train with weights to build muscle
  3. Learn proper exercise form and technique
  4. Train at a high-intensity level to stimulate muscle growth
  5. Forget everything you’ve learned about health & fitness
  6. Nutritional habits contribute 80% to your results
  7. Processed foods are like addictive drugs
  8. There is no magic pill—only correct information on which to act
  9. Organize your environment to maintain order in your life

Applying each principle of Customized Fat Loss System is crucial to your success. They aren’t rules of a “quick fix” program; they’re proven principles that, when applied, will increase the quality of your overall health more than anything else you could do. Click Here to discover more about the Customized Fat Loss Program.

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