In this article, we are going to use the KISS principle. Instead of giving you a huge list of skin care tips, we are going to Keep It Short and Simple!

Confident Women with Naturally Healthy Skin

After investing a considerable amount of time in research we have discovered some very effective and scientifically proven beauty tips. And we assure you, if you follow these top secrets to beautiful skin, you WILL look as fantastic and glowing as possible.

Essential Beauty Tip 1 : Find Healthy Ways to Boost HGH Naturally!

Human Growth Hormone fuels childhood growth and helps maintain tissues and organs throughout life. HGH is absolutely necessary for the maintenance of Youthful and Radiant Skin as well.

At the age of around 25 years, the pituitary gland slowly reduces the amount of Human Growth Hormone it produces.

Most Essential Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin

Interestingly, your lifestyle and dietary habits can have a huge impact on your HGH levels. Moreover, if you make a commitment to yourself to adopt healthy sleeping habits, it would keep your pituitary gland healthy, support the production of HGH and improve the appearance of your skin (if you honor your commitment of course!).

Please Note, we are NOT suggesting you to use synthetic Human Growth Hormone. Many are using this method to reduce the physical effects of aging. However, we don’t believe it to be a good idea.

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Essential Beauty Tip 2 : Make Sure That Your Liver is in Tip-Top Condition!

Tired Liver Can Upset Your Skin

Your liver is the only organ in your entire body that has the ability to self-repair itself. Many organs and areas of your body including kidneys and digestive system rely on liver to function at optimum levels.

Like liver and kidneys, your skin is also a Major Elimination Organ. Because of poor dietary habits, improper sleep and stress, your liver can become overtired. In that case, your liver won’t be able to eliminate toxins effectively.

If it comes to that, your other elimination organs (including Skin) will have to pick up the slack. As a result, a major portion of those nasty impurities will exit your body through the surface epithelium of the skin a.k.a. Epidermis.

As we are using the KISS Principle in this post, so we have tried our best to explain the connection between a Tip-Top Liver and Perfect Skin in a jargon-free way. We hope you got the point.

Essential Beauty Tip 3 : Improve Blood Circulation to The Face

Face Massage to Improve Blood Circulation

The basic purpose of the circulatory system is to transport oxygen, precious nutrients, hormones and other important chemicals to each cell throughout your body. Therefore, healthy blood circulation is absolutely essential for a beautiful skin, especially your face.

There are so many things that can be done to improve blood flow to the whole body. But with reference to our today’s post, we recommend running and regular face massage.

Essential Beauty Tip 4 : Use Protection Against Harmful UV Rays Sunscreen

Using Sunscreen Against Harmful UV Rays

The prime objective of using a sunscreen is to prevent skin cancer. But that’s not the only reason why sun-care market in the United States has crossed the mark of 3 billion Dollars.

A good quality sunscreen also protects essential skin proteins including collagen, keratin and elastin. As a result, your skin remains smooth, healthy and looks beautiful. Check out the best sunscreen that will also protect your scalp without making your hair look greasy.

Essential Beauty Tip 5 : Find Ways to Boost Endorphins Naturally

Loving, Youthful and Beautiful Couple

You may have heard about the body’s natural “feel-good” chemicals. The way Endorphins work is very similar to prescription anti-anxiety drugs. The only difference is, endorphins provide the benefits without all the risks associated with prescription drugs to achieve similar results.

Again, there are so many things that you can do to boost endorphins. We recommend spending quality time with your partner and having an active (but healthy and positive) sex life. Believe it or not, this activity alone will give you that special glow nothing else seems to replicate.

Essential Beauty Tip 6 : Fight Against Free-Radical Damage

Skin Cells Attacked by Free Radicals

As the body ages, it loses its ability to fight the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are toxic byproducts of oxygen metabolism that can cause significant damage to living cells and tissues in a process called “oxidative stress”.

They can also cause serious damage to your skin’s DNA that can speed along skin aging. Regularly consuming a sufficient amount of foods that are rich in vitamin C and vitamin D can be a good way to fight against free radicals, keep your skin look beautiful and other organs healthy.

Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Green Vegetables, Kiwi Fruit, Oranges and Lemons are just few of the many examples that contain these vitamins it good amounts.

Essential Beauty Tip 7 : Stay Hydrated to Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines Naturally

Drink Plenty of Water to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Being honest with you, wrinkles can’t be prevented completely. However, it is possible to remarkably reduce wrinkles and fine lines from your skin if you keep yourself hydrated. Drinking plenty of pure water every day not only removes toxins that cause wrinkles, but also keeps your skin soft and smooth.

Essential Beauty Tip 8 : An Easy Way to Stimulate Collagen Production

DIY Facial Massage for An Instant Facelift

We prefer to stay away from cosmetic injections and other similar anti-aging procedures. And that’s what we always suggest to our valuable readers.

However, there are other safer and time-tested methods to maintain a youthful look. Just like the rest of your body, facial muscles require exercise to keep you looking younger. And facial massage is one of the most effective and easy methods for a natural facelift.

Essential Beauty Tip 9 : Remove Dead Cells from The Surface of Your Skin

Exfoliate to Remove Dead Skin Cells

The build-up of dead skin cells can result in excess oil and clogged pores. Exfoliation (if done RIGHT) is a very effective technique to uncover the fresh new cells by removing the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin.

Please Note, over-exfoliating can cause chronic skin irritation and inflammation. Many people exfoliate two to three times a week. However, we believe, with the right tools and products, it is enough to use this technique once every week.

Essential Beauty Tip 10 : Always Use Organic Makeup for Optimum Skin Health

Organic Makeup and Natural Beauty Products for Beautiful Skin

Throughout this article, you may have noticed that we love to stay close to nature as much as possible. And there is a sufficient evidence that chemicals in traditional makeup can damage you skin and lead to premature aging.

That’s why, we always recommend using organic makeup and beauty products. Sephora and Ulta are our favorite stores to purchase a wide range of skin care products that contain food-grade and organic ingredients. Please Click Here to find a list of carefully selected online stores that offer high-quality and natural beauty products at best prices.